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1-800 GIRLS drops nostalgic double single release, 'Looking Back / Because Of You'

The release follows 1-800 GIRLS' first-ever live show, at Peckham Audio, which sold out, of course.

Words @milll.ward

London-based DJ and producer Jake Stewart, better known as 1-800 GIRLS, never fails to deliver hearty electronic music. His most recent release, a 2-track EP, melts an eclectic sound with choice samples that take us on a rich and atmospheric journey, which is impressive considering the length of the project.

The first track, ‘Looking back’, is nostalgic at every layer. Stewart samples a crackly lo-fi cut from Tarantino’s 1993 film True Romance, paying homage to his favourite film and creating a raw and euphoric vibe. He pairs a melancholic synth pattern with danceable drums for an apt sense of nostalgic romance, layered with squelchy acid textures for good measure. This is exactly the kind of fluid and multi-faceted track that bangs both in sets and for solo listening.

‘Because of you’ cranks up the pace. A higher BPM is stacked with a stripped-back jungle beat arrangement and electronic zaps, truly capturing 1-800’s GIRLS creative flair. His floaty house sound shines through the bouncy drums, a sign that whilst he is experimenting with different paces, he hasn’t strayed too far from his roots. Ahead of his venture into live sets, both tracks are sure to captivate listeners through their headphones and out in the UK’s sound systems.


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