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Many people may think they are photographers, but very few have the inherent traits to elicit experiences properly in the mode of pictures. We have been capturing moments across the world, and at various music festivals, since we started Repeat, and it's a big part of our website. So, here are 10 photographers that inspire our work and should definitely be on your radar.


Shooting London’s prestigious rap scene, Kojo Dwimoh’s use of collage has caught the eye of everyone from D Double E to Master Peace. Novelist’s latest music campaign, 52 weeks of fire, features the photographer’s intrinsic arrangements for the Rain Fire and Inferno EPs; two of our favourite projects this year thus far.


The ambitiousness of Quil Lemons’ work sets it a par above many photographers out there at the moment. Focusing on themes of race, masculinity and queerness, they recently pictured Thundercat for NY Mag and AwakeNY’s highly diverse lookbooks.


Hopping between Beijing, New York and London, Sirui’s work for Stüssy, Nepenthes and Carhartt elicits the snapper’s keen eye for photography. Ma’s tendency to focus on portraits empowers everyone she pictures, even if they look completely ordinary.


Aiming to “bridge the gaps between the motherland and the diaspora.” Okoro’s work blurs the lines between her place of birth, Lagos, and more Western cities like Toronto and New York. ID ran her year in photos for 2019, when she was only 18 years old. Check it out here.


Cosmo Webber has basically become Octavian’s personal photographer, but his portfolio is far more expansive than just the Londoner. Rema, Slowthai and Lily Allen are just a few other big names Webber has pictured, effortlessly displaying their personalities in the mode of imagery.


Shoots for Beat Magazine, Aries and Supreme have made Shilland’s dreamy portrayals of youth culture some of the most intimate out there. Sean Pablo Murphy and Lucien Clarke are just a couple names you may recognise that have been shot by her.


Vaughtier effortlessly empowers everyone he pictures. Bianca Chandon’s Lover capsules were epitomised by his sensual take on the brand's clothing, accrediting the lookbook model's. Carhartt, Stüssy and Off-White are just a few other labels the photographer regularly works with.


Questioning modern masculinity and femininity through nostalgic photography, Tomlinson has become a regular snapper for ID Magazine in recent years. His barber shop shoot is a particular highlight, accentuating the inherent pride that comes in hand with a fresh trim; campaigns for Patta and Stüssy also insinuate the photographer's talent


It is probably easier to ask yourself who Zhamathecat hasn’t shot. From Travis Scott to Deb Never, her portfolio is a testament to the range of influences she internalises from her LA surroundings. She has also directed videos for Lucki, and made some of the Calvin Klein video diaries.


Adam has pioneered 3D photography, integrating the aesthetic into his videos as well as shoots. Directing Mura Masa’s What If I Go?, as well as ads for Nike and Adidas, have expanded his repertoire beyond the style he is known for, making him a key figure portraying England’s youth.

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