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Dizzee Rascal & Giggs - Nutcrackerz

Sampling E.T.A Hoffman’s ‘The Nutcracker’, Dizzee and Giggs’ most recent collaboration has very little seasonal lyrical content, but the beat would slip perfectly into a road rework of Home Alone or Elf. Imagine a young Raskit fending off burglars from the block, or Giggs in an Elf costume larking around Harrods; this is exactly the vibe you get with this song. Like a couple of tunes on the list, Nutcrackerz didn’t come out within the seasonal period, but the melody certainly gets you in the spirit. Check out the not so christmassy music video below.

Wiley - Cheer Up, It’s Christmas

This tune is a lot more Christmassy. Not only does the beat have a twinkly, xylophone and synth-led melody, but having Wiley breaking down his favourite elements of Chrimbo makes it even more enjoyable. Gathering from the lyrics, Wiley loves a chocolate gateau but hates raisin cake, which he brands a “hassle”. You can also find chicken wings, lamb, beef and pork on the dinner table at Eskiboy's house on the 25th of December. This is an elite assortment of meat to have at your disposal on Christmas day, especially with the triple stacked sandwiches that magically end in front of you whilst the Sherlock Christmas special is on.

BBK - Christmas Riddims

“I don’t jingle bells, I ring the bells, I eat emcees like a Christmas dinner” spits Frisco on the opening few bars of BBK’s legendary chrimbo tune. Don’t let Jammer into your house over the seasonal period though, he’ll be kicking down your chrisms tree, and the Turkey apparently. Murkle Man provides the most disrespectful verse on the whole song, confessing to, over the festive period, wrapping men ""like Santa”. Of course the Lord of the Mics founder isn’t talking about wrapping up presents. Just avoid Jammer at all costs on Christmas day.

Newham Generals - Flying In The Air

With D Double featuring in Ikea's 2019 advert Christmas advert, it wouldn’t surprise us if the creator’s of the Snowman drafted him in for an official remix of Aled Jones’ ‘Walking in the air’. Newham Generals sampled the Christmas classic a few years back for a deep cut. You can only find the tune on YouTube, and somehow the video sits with a measly 2,400 views. Obviously the mandem haven’t discovered this stinker yet, but that’s what we’re here for. If you haven’t heard D Double's incredible vocal cameo in the Ikea advert, then click below. It's genius.

Giggs - Gully N*ggaz

Giggs has no right to be on two songs that sample The Nutcracker. Gully N*ggaz is a lot harder than the Dizzee collaboration; Big H is as gritty as ever, using his powerful tone to emphasise that you shouldn’t be fucking with him and his mates. Wamp 2 Dem came out in November, which is perfect timing for when people start assembling their festive playlists. Giggs, Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey all in a Spotify queue? Never has this seemed so acceptable. Hollowman can act as hard as he likes, but we know he loves a Christmas jumper. He recently headlined a night at Wembley Arena; this tune didn’t make the setlist unfortunately but he isn’t short of bangers of course.


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