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Alix Perez's’ soulful return, ‘Without End’, pays homage to his roots in introspective drum & bass, which we have all loved and danced to for the past decade. Building upon such deep beginnings is no trivial task. Somehow, in his own masterful way, he pulls it off, with new and old ‘Perez sounds’ marrying together in the form of music, or as he flawlessly puts it: ‘perpetual tones for motion’.

It’s clear that this LP has been engineered from the ground up to evoke emotion. ‘Wondering at Loss’ evidently sets the tone of what’s to come - unifying shaded chords and refreshed amen breaks in the signature, never failing 1985 formula. With tracks such as ‘Lost & Proud’ featuring impassioned vocals from Liam Bailey - Perez clearly demonstrates to us that there is no grey area in his boundless production palate that he won’t dare flex. Additional collaborations with the titans, Workforce and Halogenix, don’t go a miss either - as they individually deliver their own personal sonics that compliment the deep and profound direction of this LP.

The artwork created by Ukrainian painter Burenko, neatly presents and adapts a previous press photo taken of Alix - encapsulating the significant nod to his past, whilst acknowledging his changing, eventual future as an artist. It’s refreshing to see both visual and auditory art forms align in this era of dopamine-fuelled, digital streaming. Inherently, we as consumers have lost contact with what it means to listen - something that I think needs to change, and something that this LP consciously reflects upon. So if you were one of the lucky ones to cop this project on wax, then good for you - as its now sold out.

From start to finish, this LP lives and breathes Alix Perez. It's an inspiring project, which could rinse a rave with emotion - or equally supply an hours worth of escapism. The man has righteously mastered his craft with unrivalled authenticity - a true pioneer within the drum & bass scene. And with his recent departure to New Zealand, it will sadly become a rarity to see him shell it out again in UK clubs. So for the meantime, real this stunner of an LP back - and listen.


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