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Collaborating with Octavian and supporting Jay Critch may faze many artists on the cusps of success; Jatzdakid has had the privilege of doing both, but only on his own merit. His debut mixtape embodied the DIY spirit of alternative rap in London, and since he has established his name among some of the scenes most loved artists. We got the opportunity to ask Jatz about a range of topics: from coffee shops in Amsterdam, to The Prodigy, and upcoming releases of course.

Like many, you put out your love and condolences for Keith Flint when he sadly passed away in March. How do you think he and the Prodigy have influenced the scene you’re apart of? Do you idolise him as a performer?

Keith Flint was massive loss to the Industry & world; He inspired all people who were considered an OutKast in whatever they did. His energy at Live Performances was definitely something to remember...Massive loss. 

On the subject of performances, what has been your maddest to date? You’ve supported the likes of Jay Critch, House of Pharaohs and Xavier Wulf but which one topped the lot?

The most that stands out was Jay Critch, only because of the level of the show. Just made me realise how close my friends & I are to the goal.

How does it compare supporting English acts compared to rappers overseas?

It will always be different performing with foreign artists. They bring a different energy all the time. Our plan is to make it feel normal breaking each international barrier.

When you played in Amsterdam with HOP, what was the conclusion on the best coffee shop? Ours has to be Grey Area.

Due to certain events the show didn’t end up happening which was unfortunate, but it was a learning curve for all of us at this young stage in our careers. The best coffee shop for me was Greenhouse. Some will disagree; a lot will disagree, but I go for what I know lol.

You’ve worked with a variety of artists; from BBC Sound of 2019 winner Octavian, to the vocalist Sophie Demasi, but who are you eager to get on your up and coming tracks?

It was a pleasure working with them both; Sophie DeMasi is definitely going to be on the world radar soon enough. We all created some incredible pieces of work; Furthermore if there were any of artist to work with? It would be Di-Meh & Slimka from SWK from Switzerland. Their talent is phenomenal, I think the U.K would enjoy them even if they couldn’t understand...Their energy speaks a lot.

Was there a different process in making your first and second mixtape? Are there any producers you would have liked to link up with but couldn’t?

Very different. After every project, you're thinking of new ways to create. I would personally say the first project was extremely raw in every sense. The second tape was more technical and strategical, but both equally special in there own ways. (I wish I had Shimz producing one of the tracks)

Although It’s older, ‘4’ is definitely one of our favourite tunes in your discography. How did that come about with ONENINENINE? The music video bangs too.

I met 199 early on in my career, about 3-4 years ago. Since then we have just been bouncing off each other’s energy. Working with a producer that’s more than just music, allows you to create a different energy.

‘Before It’s Too Late’ was quite a diversion in sound compared to your mixtapes ‘Just Another Kid’ and ‘Just Another Kid 2’, what inspired you to make such a different song?

Working with Chris Thomas for the past 6 months has been tremendous. His work has encouraged me to in corporate aspects of different genre’s further. I can’t wait till you guys hear what we’ve been working on...His project also.

You’re evidently into streetwear, how does your personal style reflect the music you make?

I love fashion & what it stands for. I’m not really fuss’d about how many colours I’m wearing as long as it drops.

Are there any particular brands you’re rating at the moment?

Really into ‘U.P.WW NewYork’ - Underground streetwear from NewYork, they’ve showed me incredible love as well. Big S/o.

To sign things off, name three Artists who you are listening to right now

FinesseTheWorld(TysxnRxmain, Jaeger & WzrdYoshi) - 343 & VntgeRec. (Vinch, Goon, Herbo Shimz & More) & TfromT.

Big up Jatzdakid for this one. You can check out his new single 'Evicted' down below.

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