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Birmingham, Britain’s second largest metropolitan area, has always been somewhat musically overshadowed by London. Despite this, the city has been a haven for the most contemporary music our country has ever heard: from the nimble follows of Jaykae and Dapz to the industrial beats of Lauren Ralph, and the rhyming cadence of Mike Skinner to the synths of Duran Duran, its contribution to British music is unquestionable.

When we came across Jaydonclover, we knew she had all the credentials to follow in the footsteps of the city’s greats. Dreamy, dissonant and delicate, the multifaceted wordsmith’s vocals are a force to be reckoned with. Simply, there is no one that sounds like Jaydonclover. Marinading Dylantheinfamous’ vivd beats with her seductive tones, this year’s singles have been some of the best we’ve heard.

Influenced by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Erykah Badu, her nostalgic tracks and EPs embrace whimsical storytelling, hazy production and the occasional searing bass too. We wanted to talk with Jaydon before she inevitably reaches the dizzying heights her music deserves. Have a read below.

Yo Jaydonclover, how are you, how’s your day been? For those that don’t know you, introduce yourself and your music!

I'm good thank you! my day has been decent, the sun is shining! i’m Jaydonclover, singer and sad songwriter from Birmingham, UK! My music is sad, sexy and also very intimate and it’s almost like i’m writing a diary entry and publishing it for the world to hear.

The people you note as your influences are pretty varied - from Frank Sinatra to Erykah Badu. Is there anyone you take inspiration from that people wouldn’t expect from you?

I like to listen to everything, literally everything. Kate Nash, Paramore, Billie Eilish, Kid Cudi, The Veronica’s, the list is honestly endless. But they all do play a huge part in inspiring my sound and the super sad topics I write on.

We’ve been trying to pin point a vocal comparison for yourself and it’s proving pretty much impossible. When did you start writing lyrics and realise you had such a great voice?

I’ve already written music but it took me a while to write music i actually liked, so really years ago iId say. I've always sang, my first words were me singing Dawn Penn’s ‘No, No, No’ - and ever since that day I don’t think I’ve stopped! To be honest I used to struggle to write music. being brought up on music and studying musical theatre at college and uni, I was kind of like ‘okay, why can’t i write music? why am I struggling to write and write about things that are happening to me?’ But I let it come naturally, and I think I wrote my first song in 2014 (which still hasn’t seen the light of day) but it is personally one of the best songs I've written. From there, I just got more comfortable and got a bit more of an understanding on what I wanted to talk about and what my story in music should be.

You’ve been working a lot with Dylantheinfamous, who we are also big fans of. How did your relationship begin with him and why do you think his production works so well with your voice?

It started on SoundCloud when I messaged him asking to work, but he aired me for about two years. then in 2018 i started working with Franklin Armstrong on a few tracks and I thought I’d try my luck again and reach out to dylan - this time he responded and sent me a 10/10 batch of beats. It’s funny cause at the start of 2020 we found out we live on the same road and went to the same secondary school - insane! his beats tell stories, and they provoke me to tell mine. and I think the fact he just lets me do whatever I want with the beat gives me freedom to just do me.

Moving on swiftly to your brilliant new single Secondsin. How did this one come about and what does the track mean to you?

I just wanted to do something a bit different, a little bit sexy and grown, and let my listeners know I can be in all bags. I also thought it was important that I introduce another side to Jaydonclover, and I wanted to let my listeners and supporters know that I can do you sexy to, I can get in my sexy bag and be all types of sexy and make my listeners feel more things than just sad

With the singles you’ve released videos for, including this one, it feels like there is a lot of synergy between the visuals and the tracks sonically. How do you go about connecting these elements of your art?

I like to create video concepts the same way I write songs. sit with it and understand what I want to say, what I want to show and what the message should be. Or, do I just wanna look cute, and get creative with Milky (videographer and co-director) and Kiran (director). A huge part of my music videos is being consistently with branding and my look, and ensuring that there is an obvious connection between the Jaydonclover I’m about to portray and the Jaydonclover that people saw in the previous video. I like to be experimental with my outfits, my hair and my looks to match exactly how I feel in and about that particular song.

Once 21st of June finally roles around, and we are blessed with freedom, what are you looking forward to about getting back to normal? Are there any pubs/clubs/bars in Brum you are excited to get back in?

I’m mostly looking forward to living in reality and outside of my head for once! I can’t wait to perform, meet my listeners and new made music friends, and finally, properly experience London as a new local!

Speaking of Birmingham, the city has always had a great network of music, whether its grime, garage, hiphop, etc. Why do you think the city produces so much talent?

I guess we’re tired of being at the sidelines all the time. We have the talent, individuality and creativity to be recognised, and we also have different experiences in Brum which enables us to put a different spin on our music. But just like any other city, Birmingham definitely has its talent.

What’s next for Jaydonclover this year? Get your fans knowing what to expect from you in the near future.

More music and definitely more collaborations and features. but i do feel like 2021 is the year that i show people my versatility and that I can be in every bag.

Words: Liam Cattermole (@liam_cattermole)


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