Not many 17 year olds can boast a co-sign from Stormzy, interest from Warner Records and a debut single with over 150,000 streams on Spotify. Croydon Emcee Tiggz has been turning the heads of industry experts all throughout 2019, and with big plans for the rest of the year, it feels as if everything is falling rightfully into place for the youngster.

Tiggz’ debut single, ‘Trust’, is an incredibly infectious bop; one that depicts road politics, but still oozes a quirkiness that can’t be said for many rappers. In the most unprofessional of manors, we caught up with the Londoner, summoning him to Soho Square for an interview in the rain. Sat on a soaked bench, with the heavens drizzling on us, we discussed everything from Suge Knight to fellow Croydon native Kate Nash… who Tiggz hadn’t heard of.

Repeat: Trust is a banger mate, why did you want that to be your first single?

Tiggz: I went out, found a beat I liked and recorded along to it. I had to go through a lot to get that beat. Out of all the songs, It’s the one my bredrins liked the most.

Repeat: It’s an absolute bop mate, we were looking through the comments and there were people from the Czech Republic rating it. Why do you think they can relate to it?

Tiggz: Do you know what it is... I reckon they don’t even understand it. Some people just hear the song and wanna move to it.

Repeat: The lyrics are catchy as well though

Tiggz: Only English people I feel can say that, even American’s may find it hard to connect to it. It’s doing well though still.

Repeat: Yeah, theres a lot of London Artists who should be a lot bigger, it’s a shame Americans can’t understand us. Your flow, for an English artist, is very unique. Is there anyone you take inspiration from?

Tiggz: I listen to American music mainly. D Block Europe I rate highly.

Repeat: Have you heard their new song with Lil Baby

Tiggz: Yesss, it’s very hard.

Repeat: We don’t rate them too much but that’s a banger.

Tiggz: How can you not rate them! They are cold still. I listen to a lot of Lil Baby and Gunna too.

Repeat: That collaboration was a match made in heaven for you then. You’re from Croydon, the home of: Stormzy, Krept & Konan... even Late Nash. We also heard you had a Stormzy co-sign. How did that come about?

Tiggz: One of my man played him the song, and he liked it. I haven’t talked to him personally about it though.

Repeat: Your mate plugged you hard then.

Tiggz: Yeah, he was at one of his Merky events as a camera man, he properly got me there. Soon link up haha.

Repeat: Have you heard his new track?

Tiggz: Not the one from the other day, he is definitely coming back though. He has mad versatility.

Repeat: Would you say you look up to him?

Tiggz: I wouldn’t say that, but I rate him still. I want to be versatile like him. The way he talks about different things, it makes me wanna change up the topics.

Repeat: In your court freestyle you mention “I'm trying to be the next Suge Night”. With that in mind, where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Hopefully not like him, as he’s in prison.

Tiggz: Haha yeah when I say that I don’t mean his whole life. I don’t just want to do music, I’d like to branch out. I wanna be a business man, and if I can, give opportunities to other people. Hopefully I’ll be better than Suge Night, and find the 2Pac of London.

The younger generations are just getting better and better with music. I’m 17, so I know that.

Repeat: We’ve heard that certain record labels are sniffing around you, do you want to sign - or is it more appealing to stay independent?

Tiggz: I don’t wanna sign to a label because It’s too much hassle, I don’t want to put myself in that position. They move crazy. The percentages that get taken, it takes the piss.

Repeat: We have to talk about the picture of you and Aitch. How did that occur?

Tiggz: Well obviously, man was in studio, we were walking out, I looked to my right, and boom. I had to take the pic. I think he was making a tune. I’ve not seen anyone else around those parts though. Next time if I see anyone, I want it to be when they’re in the studio with me.

Repeat: Can you talk on any future releases?

Tiggz: I’ve got something dropping in October. It’ll just be me, no features yet. The features that will happen, are gonna be just people that I know, my bredrins.

Repeat: Anyone that we should be listening to?

Tiggz: Yeah yeah, ’T Valley With The Bally’, 'JR100', 'Ez', 'Bronson', and yeah. That’s it.

Big up Tiggz and his team for making this happen. Go and stream ‘Trust’, and keep locked for more info on the Londoner’s next single.

Check out the photoshoot we did with him on the day of the interview below: