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Skepta - Mains

Capturing the perfect medium between low-key, minimalistic sportswear and luminous lettering, the Tottenham born grime MC’s label shows just how big an influence he has on the world of fashion. Accessible for both genders, the mix of satchel like man bags, and classy logoless tracksuits is incredibly intriguing, and offers a completely different spin on the streetwear scene. His latest collection for NYC’s ‘hypefest’ has elevated his clothing to new territories. Named ‘metro’, the contrasting colours are a nice touch to the items we’ve watched Skepta develop over the last year or so. It’s nice to see him appreciated for his artistic prowess on the other side of the Atlantic. Skepta’s ongoing ‘SKAir’ collab with Nike is nothing short of legendary either, reinventing classic grime silhouettes to reinstate their most loved shoes once more on the world of fashion.

Tyler, the creator - GolfWang

With patterns as colourful as Tyler himself, there has never been a bland clothing collection under the Odd Future founder’s own label. GolfWang offers eccentricity and elegance, focusing on baggy cuts, rich materials and admirable textures. You could look like a skater, but equally like your Grandad wearing Tyler’s garms; the variety of styles he incorporates into his work is one of the many reasons his clothing line is making this list. It would be rude to not mention his frequent ‘Golf Le Fleur’ collaborations with Converse, which has single handedly reimagined the trainer silhouette, and put it at the forefront of streetwear once more. From the silver DSM exclusives he rocks in the ‘Okra’ video, yet to be released, to the superhero inspired two toned collections, he is absolutely killing it with Golf at the moment.

Bakar’s Badkid Merch

As a model and musician, it was inevitable that Bakar’s merch was going to be nothing short of amazing. Tapping Stüssy, a brand he honours a good relationship with, he released an exclusive tee shirt to inform the world of the tracklist for his first LP ‘Badkid’. The garment utilised a classic swirly stüssy font, and a hypnotic circulating logo of his own name at the top of the back of the shirt. It has an aggressive, riotous punk feel to it, as do the prints for the merch on his current tour. There’s definitely a Seattle, grungy look to them too, putting him at the forefront of Britain’s rather quiet indie scene... for the moment. Bakar’s music and merchandise is infiltrating the cool crowd at the moment, so be sure to check it all out.

Earl Sweatshirt - Deathworld

Often overshadowed, due to the successes of the clothing lines of other Odd Future members, ‘Deathworld’ is a more sadistic take on streetwear - highly representative of the uniquely dark mind Earl possesses. Embroidered spiders, bleak colour schemes and baggy cuts all add to the style Sweatshirt Pursues in his fashion, which makes it highly admirable as there aren’t many artists taking this route in their art. It completely juxtaposes Tyler’s aesthetic, and offers clothing for people who prefer to be hidden, rather than stand out.

Pharrell - BBC & Ice Cream

Pharrell’s ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ label arguably dictates Streetwear as we know it today. A striking logo, untouchable aesthetic, and plenty of premium materials make it so enticing for fashion lovers of the 21st century. His most recent collection for BBC used layering staples, like utility vests, to broaden their range of garms, but put a safari inspired tint to the prints on them. Pharrell also single handedly launched Adidas’ NMDs and, although I’m not a fan of the shoes, it is difficult to not see a pair of those in your peripheral vision. His N.E.R.D Roadstas are also very sought after nowadays.

Yung Lean & Sadboy’s merch

Hailing from Sweden, Yung Lean and his Sad Boy crew are known for rocking peng garms, but they do also design a few themselves. Their thrash metal font styles have touched the skin of many teenagers, and arguably instigated the band tee craze that swept across the fashion world in 2016/17. Often based off the aesthetic Lean chases on his albums, the merch changes to fit the sounds Jonatan (real name) uses on his individual projects, making many of the pieces very different.

A$AP Nast’s converse collab

These were by far one of my favourite shoes of 2017; a corduroy one star... are you mad? The maroon and beige yellow colour contrast was unbelievably sick, as were the all over tartan 70s chuck that came in the capsule. He is definitely one of the most stylish men in hip hop, constantly posting fits on instagram that make your eyes pop out of their sockets. It’s a shame he doesn’t release as many garms as he does; part of what makes him so intriguing is how little he does but how famous he is. Nast is a definitive influencer in the world of streetwear, and the converse have to be one of the high points of his career.

Brockhampton’s merch

The self confessed boyband have sold out every merch drop they’ve ever done, and their ‘Iridescence’ collection has been no different. Slogan heavy, vibrant and striking, the garms often represent the attitudes and public image the lads have retained so far in their career. From skateboards, to stickers, to baggy tee shirts; the lad’s attention to detail is prevalent in everything they do, especially in their clothing.

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