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Best release: ‘Disclosure’ - Ecstacy EP

After a few years of keeping relatively quiet in the music scene, Disclosure bounced back at the end of last month with a new techno EP. Many day one Disclosure fans may have been quite surprised by the slight change of pace Disclosure have displayed in this new EP, they’ve come along way since the days of ‘Latch’ and ‘White Noise’. However, this EP is without a doubt one of the hardest techno releases I’ve heard over the last year. Listening to songs such as ‘Tondo’, you will find yourself tapping your feet to the beat, whatever the weather.

Best live set: Mall Grab - The Mill, Birmingham

Mall Grab stepped into the lively setting of The Mill, on the outskirts of the city of Brum and did not disappoint the many heavy techno fans waiting for a fat Saturday night motive. Big tunes such as ‘Sunflower’ and ‘Pool Party Music’ featured in his two-hour set which were clear fan favourites and got everyone moving. The spacious, two-floored venue of the Mill was perfect for this event. If only the weather had been better so that the Mill’s stunning smoking area could’ve been put to use.

Best video: Four Tet - ‘Baby’ Music video

If you haven’t seen this video yet, take a few minutes to just watch it before you carry on reading this article, and make sure you crack it up to 4k if you can. This video will make you feel like you are flying on some sort of intense DMT trip. The revolutionary method of filming the video is only enhanced further by the beautiful range of colours, lighting and scenery. Credits to Four Tet and whoever put this video together, it’s like no other music video ever released before.

Best performance: Dave at the BRITs

Dave opened the public’s eyes and got everybody talking with his breathtaking performance of his emotional track ‘Black’ at this year’s BRIT Awards, a song which sheds light on the reality of growing up as an ethnic minority in the UK. He followed the song with a freestyle in which he accused PM Boris Johnson of racism, addressed the way tabloids poorly treat Meghan Markle and paid tribute to Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones. The performance was accompanied by visuals cleverly displayed on his piano top.


New Psychworld Hoodies

Psychworld never fails to disappoint with their classic hoodies displaying simply their logo across the chest. February saw three new colourways released in Paris copped by big names in the music and fashion world. The red colourway, in particular, caught people’s eyes as it differed from their typical green and black choice of colour. More garms are always on their way with this streetwear brand. However, they continue to only stock internationally, which will hopefully change in the near future.

Awake NY x Moncler

Awake NY have made a name for themselves in the fashion world through their collaborations. This one, however, has stood out amongst the crowd. A genius idea came to fruition by intermingling the luxurious notes of the French brand, Moncler, alongside Awake NY’s street-fueled style. The capsule included Moncler’s signature puffer gilet, as well as hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, t-shirts and a cap. If you were lucky enough to cop, you’ll certainly want to flex that this spring.

Supreme Oreo

Just when you thought Supreme’s ‘extras’ couldn’t get any more ridiculous, they decided to collab with American biscuit brand Oreo, to create a red version of the classic Oreo biscuit, selling in 3 packs for $8 at retail price in the US. A massive hype was created around this item resulting in the item to sell out in all Supreme stores and online. The hype was big enough to create a resell value of $200 within a matter of days after they sold out. Hardcore Supreme fans are now even reported to be purchasing packs of these three biscuits for over $15,000 on eBay. Someone even made a video explaining how with a plastic mould, you can create a Supreme Oreo yourself at home (without having to pay $15,000). As depressing as this may all seem to you, you have to hand it to Supreme, even after years on the scene they still know how to create a hype over a biscuit.


Tyson Fury defeating Deontay Wilder

After over a year waiting, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder finally had their rematch in Nevada on the 22nd of Feb. This was arguably the biggest heavyweight matchup since Tyson vs Lennox, if not forever. Fury fully dominated the fight and finished it in the 7th round, causing the nation to leap out of their seats (if they made it to 5am to watch it). There are now talks of a third fight between the two, possibly later this year. The big question is, what will be next for Fury after that? Possibly a fight with Anthony Joshua which I think is what the whole of the UK is asking for.


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