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Wavey Garms

Positioned in the heart of Peckham, Wavey Garms’ shop covers you on the whole of the vintage spectrum. From rare Moschino, to casual Ralph Lauren, and even some Palace, the store has you sorted; it is a deadly place to visit with little money. Of course the origins of Wavey Garms is online, championing it’s Facebook group of hundreds and thousands of members who actively buy and sell peng clothes, meaning it was somewhat of an inevitability the shop would be successful and sell some quality clothing.


Dukes cupboard

Located in, arguably, the trendiest place in London (Berwick Street), Dukes Cupboard’s space is sandwiched between Supreme and Palace, but offers a much more laid back shopping experience than the super stores. The collection of Prada rarities, Patta Pieces and just about anything cool, is great to have a flick through, even if you’re not going to buy any of them. The lads are always friendly, and have a clear passion for fashion, and their shop in general. Some famous heads have dropped in to pick up some Garms as well, recently Jimothy Lacoste, Slowthai and Billie Eilish all paid them a visit, so they must be doing something right.


No license shop

Not strictly a shop, but with the way they’re going this could definitely materialise, this online vintage market welcomes the waviest of football shirts, but makes sure you know about the history behind them too. The prices are surprisingly affordable, some of these jerseys could easily be upwards of £100 but Mark Dear and Felix Dean have kept them reasonable. They sometimes have a pop up space, so it’s just a case of keeping an eye out and seeing where they set up shop.


Grubby Mits

Brick Lane is known for its extensive amount of vintage shops and stalls, but I think Grubby Mits trumps them all. It’s a small space, however it’s filled to the brim with clothing and, in similar circumstances to Wavey Garms, laps up a lot of rare 90s polo sport. They do also gather many high end pieces too; Prada and Burberry are two labels you can often see there, and creates a good variation of heritage rave culture brands.


Blitz London

Dissimilar to all of the above, Blitz tends to focus on brandless vintage wardrobe staples that look clean all year round. If you want a pair of Levi’s 501s, or some funky old man trousers, this is the best spot to hit up. The prices are far from hideous, but it can be easy to fill a bag and spend a rack or two... if you aren’t careful. Located in Shoreditch, around the corner from the infamous Brick Lane, the store is a must to check out if you don’t want to look labeless, and effortless too.


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