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Blokecore: a proper British summer

As we move deeper into summer, and trends are beginning to propagate faster than ever, a new look is on the rise – ‘blokecore’. Easily attainable, the fashion movement is reviving nostalgic silhouettes whilst maintaining an affordable price tag. But where did this ‘bloke’ aesthetic originate from, and why is it making a big comeback?

To us Brits, blokecore is nothing new. Be it at your local beer garden or footy away days, the sought-after look has become a mere formality in British fashion. However, across the pond TikTok creators are fashioning vintage football shirts, 501s, and Adidas Sambas to achieve the laddish look. Its origins lie largely in football culture, with lads and Dads across the country donning the pieces that characterise the aesthetic today.

The viral blokecore we see sprawled over TikTok finds fashionable similarities to the ‘casuals’, an older football-orientated movement. Casuals, who emerged in the 60s, strayed away from established British brands such as Fred Perry, which was largely sported by mods. Instead, they opted for European brands, giving clout to the likes of C.P Company, Sergio Tacchini and Stone Island: brands that have persisted in the blokecore trend. Though, that seems to be where the similarities end. With an undying loyalty to the game of football, casuals exhibited a cultural affinity to their team, exemplified in the shirts they would so proudly fashion. Blokecore is at a surface level limited to the look, not extending past the aesthetic and into a lifestyle.

So what pieces are integral to achieving the look today? On foot, there is no shoe more essential than the Adidas Samba. Variations of the shoe have come and gone, pertaining to an iconic shoe within British culture. Outside the blokecore sphere, recent years have seen Sambas rocket in popularity for their effortless and clean addition to any fit. From Adidas Japan x Wales Bonner’s take on the silhouette to the OG Cloud White, the shoe boasts versatility.

It goes without saying that football shirts are central to the look. Depop and eBay have become flooded with vintage shirts to appeal to the blokecore movement. Though supporting your local team on a tee has become symbiotic with the look, brands such as Balenciaga and Stella McCartney have had their own interpretations of the silhouette – elevating the simple look to the arena of high fashion.

Simplicity is key for the look. And what says simple like a good pair of Levi’s? Built to last, getting your hands on a pair of blue wash, straight leg jeans are all you need for the everyday fit. Even better, throw in a pair of jorts for the ultimate summer geezer ensemble. With micro-trends circulating at a rapid rate, the blokecore style undoubtedly boasts pieces that promote longevity in fashion – nothing has stood the test of time like trusty denims.

Indeed, it can be argued that all of this is nothing but another fad, a passing phase that has only soared in popularity due to TikTok trends. However, the blokecore aesthetic is far from extraordinary for us who have grown up surrounded by it. With just a few basic elements needed to achieve the look, it’s likely you already have these staple pieces stocked and ready to dress for a proper British summer.

Written by Hemma Daddral


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