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Since 2017, this American label has infiltrated the fashion world with It’s graphic heavy collections and logo reworks of brands like Patagonia. Some people may down play them for unoriginality, but when a word looks so good on a garm, how can you really complain? Drawing on influences from both the 90s heavy metal and hip hop scene, two genres that have shaped the fashion industry over the last couple of years, they started in 2010 but have only really just started to pick up attention.

Their upcoming collection is undoubtedly their best yet. The coating and accessories have both improved massively, making you ready to defeat the elements but stay athletic at the same time.

Human by nature

This Japanese label could be set for a big year. Specialising in wavy self-made football shirts, Human By Nature have developed a unique take on British subculture style. Their lookbooks incorporate polished brogues, tucked in jerseys and oriental heritage graphics, effortlessly distinguishing their aesthetic through contrast. As well as this, they place a heavy emphasis on skate style, and grainy 90s photography to portray their clothing. They are an all-round strong label, with affordable prices to suit the potential demand for their graphics.


Nigeria’s capital, Lagos, has a very underrated skate scene; the culture has grown out of the teenage frustrations associated with lack of opportunities and unnecessary poverty. A focal point for the world is label and skate team ‘Motherlan’, who have been backed by the likes of Skepta and Wizkid, two artists who share their story in more ways than one.

@olaoluslawn, one of the founder's instagram, modelled Mains’ ‘Dystopian Society’ collection, bringing authenticity to the vision Skeppie has for his brand and a new outlook on British fashion. As for ‘Motherlan’, they have recently released a capsule of colourful tees and caps, bringing unique qualities to their graphics whilst maintaining a slightly minimalistic and universally appealing stance. Show them some love and get in on their new clothing here:


In amidst FairFax’s, LA, saturated streetwear scene, there is a shop that stands out. Four-Two-Four have such a variety of aesthetics, making them an essential label for anyone into style; their collaboration with Hummel resembled the raw energy of grassroots football, whilst their usual collections refine modern taste in an effortless manor.

Considering it’s location, 424 have a lot of competition to prosper. The Californian Capital is the home of many forward thinking creatives, none other than Tyler, the Creator has his Golf flagship very close by. However, this hasn’t hindered the up and coming LA brand, who continue to pursue their minimal flare.


With the support of Patta and Dover Street Market, this New York label have built a monopoly in the cities skate scene, and they are increasingly exporting overseas to grace our shores with some of the finest garms streetwear has to offer. Priding themselves in the cultural diversity of NYC, the label only started in 2012, but their designs are already sophisticated, finding the middle ground of contemporary fashion and 90s skatestyle.

Their 2017 tracksuit collab with Dutch streetwear giants Patta is one of the most sought after two piece collections in the world. The contrasting vibrant colours and Paisley leaves work so well, and I cannot wait for them to branch out into more elaborate items, like trousers and coats.

Noon Goons

Another new kid on the block in California’s ever-growing fashion scene, Noon Goons’ surf inspired formal wear has found a unique gap between the runway and the streets. The layering in their lookbooks could be straight out of some of the collections we’ve seen at this years various fashion weeks, but their punkish attitude makes them a must cop for anyone into skatewear.

The current collection is pattern heavy, preferring shirts to jumpers; the zip up polos and leopard print hoodies blur the lines between classy formal wear and effortlessly 90s garms.

Richard Oxley

Student of central st. Martins, Richard Oxley has made a name for himself through his hand bleached Levi’s customisations; where no one pair is the same. Jordan Vickors recently wore a pair to Paris fashion week, and they were one of the hardest items I spotted. Like the jeans, sweaters are coming out in the ‘XX’ print too, which dominated his runway collection on behalf of Central St. Martins. His clothes have found their way into magazines like Fucking Young too, meaning this young designer could be heading for a big year, playing with suit tailoring and vibrant, tribal patterns whilst he is at it. High end fashion needs more raw designs like this.

Stone Inc

This Toronto label has caught the attention of everyone from Jazz Cartier to Smokepurrp and MadeinTYO. Why? Well, the self-produced, Basquiat-Esque prints are all original, and the exaggerated belts could complete any outfit, bringing a level of individuality that everyone wants from their look. Currently, there is no web shop, but one can be expected soon. As for now, all sales go through the instagram, @stone_inc, and you can buy the printed jeans, shirts and hoodies right now.


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