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Giving a presentation of the brand’s uniquely comical graphics, while nodding to the streets that made them.

With August fast approaching, Crisp London has dropped another stellar selection of garments ready for your summer wardrobe.

Featuring an array of casual clothing, including screen-printed, baggy denim shorts, the release encapsulates the iterations of pop and hip-hop culture that run throughout many of their previous collections.

MF DOOM and Bugs Bunny are two familiar subjects of the capsule, starring on royal blue tees alongside the label’s familiar logo motifs. Matching caps and sweaters will also be available.

The drop follows a Brazillian-themed collection that came out at the start of July. From Croydon to the favelas, Crisp is making a positive impact on streetwear and continues to disrupt the scene’s formalities with facetious releases.

You can sign up and purchase from the brand’s webshop now.

Words Liam Cattermole (@liam_cattermole)

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