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Denham Audio… if you haven’t heard the name, where have you been? Being one of my favourite breakbeat artists, I had huge expectations for this upcoming EP and it hasn't disappointed. Categorically, it is not there to be slept on.

He opens Side A with ‘Could Be’. Classically clean breaks are layered beneath equally effective vocal samples, setting the project's tone formidably. A danceable rhythm and steady BPM get taken to the next level with the introduction of a uniquely dirty and acidic bassline, where DA gestures to his deep and acid house influences. This cut is a notable crowd-pleaser that will undoubtedly hit the sweet spot for a range of ravers.

A2, ‘Thirty-Eight Snub (ft Trim)’ champions the EP's only feature. Denham Audio doesn't need to lean on others to showcase his individual talent, but Trim's deep vocal cadences elevate the track's brain-rattling breaks to a whole new level. Trim was certainly the perfect choice for this song, with his innately grimey bars and flows.

The B Side is quicker, by comparison, giving Denham Audio a platform to pay homage to the old school: a known favourite influence of his. B1, ‘U Give Me’ reminisces just that, with its catchy loops, sonorous bass, and additional edgy layers of sound. Not many artists can marry 90s rave and new school acid-breaks as well as DA right now. It's an undisputed sheller that will be heard on rigs all over the country in 2022 and beyond.

To round off the EP, he increases the pace again. B2, ‘Missing You’ is the closest to a jungle record of all the tracks; lofty, almost liquid-like keys and frenetic, rolling drums combine in fine fashion and make for dance-worthy listening. Without a doubt, Denham Audio displays his talent for blurring the lines between many subgenres of dance music.

There is truly something for every raver on the Club Glow project.

You can stream the EP now. Buy the vinyl over on Club Glow's Bandcamp too.

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