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Swedish selector DJ Seinfeld span a trancy set for the folk of Wire, before his upcoming performance at Manchester’s Warehouse Project.

Arman Jakobsson is a man with many names. If he isn’t producing music under his comical moniker DJ Seinfeld, named after the late 80s, early 90s American sitcom, then you can find his music under ‘Rimbaudian’, or ‘Birds of Sweden’. The one consistency of these brands is they all produce expansive rave music; whether its the lo-fi house of Seinfeld and Rimbaudian, or the footwork, 170 style of ‘Birds of Sweden’, all three monikers have delivered some of the decades best dance tracks.

Wednesday nights at Wire, especially with Transmission Funk behind the shenanigans, are rarely a let down. The promoters’ slogan ‘forward thinking underground events’ fits the vibes of Leeds’ beloved venue perfectly, having Seinfeld as the night’s selector was just a bonus.

The Swede stormed through a set of trancy tech and groovy house, whilst ferociously circling his shoulders in time with the music; the man’s deltoids must be in fine shape after 3 hours of such antics. Instead of unleashing his personal discography onto the dance-floor, the Barcelona based artist opted for some of our nations most cherished electronic anthems: ‘Archangel’, by Burial, took absolutely everyone off guard, and sent whistles flying through the crowd.

It wasn’t only his acknowledgments for the classics that got everyone whooping. South Sudan’s Skin On Skin supported Mall Grab last Saturday at Warehouse, and Seinfeld mixed the producers’ infamous ‘Multiply’ in amongst the setlist’s expansive electronica.

Transmission Funk put on some of the best nights in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, and Wednesday illustrated that. Look out for their upcoming House, Disco & Techno events at Wire.


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