Dolenz provides us with a stellar selection of U.K. hiphop off the back of Golden Spike - his new EP released on Exit Records.

Following his debut project Lingua Franca, Dolenz’ latest EP offering is another intergalactic selection of tracks that feel oddly fitting for the mood of current times. Intro (Iridium) is a utopian, synth lead opener that corrodes into a frenetic culmination of distorted bass and piercing drums. The best moments on Golden Spike are the most direct. Murder This, a track influenced by the more alien soundscapes of seminal dubstep albums like Skream!, is contagious in this sense. It’s difficult to not give off an expression of bass face appreciation when the “Smoke that shit” sample proceeds the drop.

U.K. hiphop heavy weight Jehst features on the EP’s title track in meticulous fashion. The wordsmith’s lyricism addresses everything from revolution to technological dependency and monging out to some top tier grade with a few San Pellegrinos. His aggressive flows perpetuate Dolenz’ equally harsh production. Polydrop is another highlight, as the producer dissects a vintage drum pattern with rave tendencies and chopped vocals; early 90s era Prodigy sound like a clear influence on this cut, which is never a bad thing of course.

The EP closes in typically eery fashion. ‘Dead That’ uses samples from old documentaries and a bouncy rhythm to depict its vibe, and play out into Sumgii’s remix of Golden Spike. His rework still has elements of futurism but the beat is more stripped back and typical of his lauded style.

Below is a mix Dolenz has kindly done for our Repeat raves section, which explores U.K. hiphop sonics across the board. Be sure to give it a listen.



CLBRKS x Morriarchi - Bonito ft Caprisun

HashFinger - Ripples

Beyond There - Slumber ft Essa & Jehst

Juganaut - Worthy ft Tyler Daley

Verbz & Mr Slipz - Iron Grip

Hawk House - Tidal Tendencies

Jehst - Wild Herb

Old Paradise - Sunkissed

Foreign Beggars - The Sauce ft Black Josh & Ivy Lab

Dolenz - Golden Spike ft Jehst (Sumgii Remix)

Black Josh - Middle Finger

MC Mello - Melooizdaman (Inst)

Mystro - Around My Way

Kyza - Real, Pt 1

Asaviour - Filed of Dreams

DJ Vadim - Combustible (Inst)

DJ Vadim - Something to Feel ft Task Force & Mr Thing

Lewis Parker - It’s All Happening Now ft Klashnekoff

Children of Zeus - Won’t End Well ft Black Milk

Layfullstop - Cherries

Jam Baxter - Red Hawaiian

Roots Manuva - Skivers Guide (Inst)

Skitz - Dedication ft Rodeny P

Universal Soldiers - Rotten Apples

P Brothers - Rock The City (Inst)

Boot Productions - Kitted Out ft Cappo

Strange U - The Cake Is A Lie

Bone Idols - Above The Clouds (Inst)

Unsung Heroes - Crushed Velvet ft Ty