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Capturing Feux’s reclusive character through aloof lyricism, Dubious defines a sound that has become intrinsic to him.

It is difficult to comprehend that artists have continued to create in a time as mundane and monotonous as this. Nevertheless, North West London wordsmith Feux released his debut album PURE NINE late last year - a record that confided in narrative, melting spacey melodies with conscious, collaged verses.

Devout to music, the rapper hasn’t slowed down since. Writing is evidently a remedy for him, and his projects have undoubtedly provided therapy for its listeners. Feux dropped Dubious last week: a six track, Adi, Ashbeck and Osquello featuring EP that lends itself to mindfulness.

At times, the pandemic has felt claustrophobic, and Dubious provides some much needed escapism for anyone who finds themselves stuck with their own thoughts. FLOW INTRO proceeds with a nebulous atmosphere, as Feux croons a rational hook over dopey synths and a buoyant baseline.

The introduction ripples into single TOUCH, which provides a gliding flow from Feux, who’s delivery has a notable eloquence in comparison to previous releases. His hook writing has vastly improved on this EP, which is partly down to the trust he’s put into singing. By this point, you are completely transported to the world Feux conceives through his wordplay. Dissonant, distilled and dreamy, the atmosphere remains serene throughout the project’s entirety.

FOCUS follows in similar suit. If PURE NINE helped the rapper come of age, DUBIOUS completely solidifies a sound intrinsic to him. Switching so seamlessly between pungent bars and opaque harmonies contributes to Feux’s instantly recognisable style, which continues on this track. Osquello provides a characteristically hard verse too, embodying the narrative his collaborator looks to produce on this EP.

Previously released, lead single CLOUD NINE sees a great juxtaposition in the deliveries adopted by Feux and Ashbeck. The former finds fluidity through his bilingual abilities, whilst the latter personfies a more staccato flow. The G-Funk inspired synths and occasional half-time instrumental evoke nostalgia, providing a needed variation in pace in comparison to other tracks.

The project regularly displays Feux’s stream of conscience through monologues that attempt to connect Dubious together. It’s a a trend running throughout many hiphop projects at the moment, but one that feels unnecessary given how affectively his lyricism already binds the project. Nevertheless, VISION plays us out in a more psychedelic, trappy tone. The change in instrumental genre provides Feux’s delivery with a notably contagious rhythm, inflicting an uncontrollable head bop and grimace onto the listener’s face.

With each project, Feux is improving. It feels like he is now on the cusp of something that could be far greater than what many may have anticipated when listening to the Silent Enemy mixtapes.

Listen to Dubious below, and check back here for any Feux related news.

Rating: 8.7/10

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