Blah records' leading lady has a new music video, and we think she is someone you really need to know about.

We have always been interested in bilingual rap artists - people who can convey emotion in a multiplicity of languages even if you can't understand what they are saying. Arguably, no one does this better than the Swahili and English speaking Nah Eeto.

Hailing from Kenya, real name, Vikki Digby-Johns was exposed to British rap when she came to our shores as a photographer. It has only been three years since Eeto picked up the mic herself; in this time she has already played Boomtown and supported Cult Of The Damned - many of whom she frequently collaborates with.

'Hunijui', the Tanzanian native's latest single, means 'You Don't Know Me' in English. Enlisting a strident trap beat, which freely compliments her M.I.A-esque delivery, the video sees Digby-Johns strutting around the side of a motorway and chuffing fags, whilst wearing some very hard garments.

Jack Chard's sinister production works perfectly with Eeto's enigmatic demeanour, as she slurs her Swahili all over the beat. It's a real ear worm: the contagious hook will be looping around your brain for quite a while after the first listen.

There are plenty singles to work your way through on her Spotify, and some rather brilliant music videos to sink your teeth into as well. Nah Eeto is one of the most exciting voices in 'underground' rap, so get to know her before your mate sneaks Hunijui onto the speakers at your next session.