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Nike x Patta collab

Labelled ‘Publicity, Publicity… Wohooooow’, this new collection features a hybrid pair of air max 90s and 95s. I had no idea how the clothing heavyweights would pull this off, but the navy, luminous and burgundy colours, somehow, collide to create a very saucy silhouette. The variety of tracksuits that go with the new shoes are very pleasing to the eye too; the checkered nylon coach jacket and matching piped trousers are my personal favourite garments from the drop, and look wicked on Oko Ebombo in his video of the collection - which you can view on the Patta webpage.

Richardson’s first collection

Specialising in magazines, books and clothing, Richardson’s partially-pornographic empire has flooded into American culture and brought premium garments with them too. From hoods, to tees, to bombers and beanies, the current collection offers a lot for your wardrobe this winter; with the common theme of a stoned cat being plastered on the garms. The ‘Richardson Windbreaker’ is also a lovely coating option if you are looking for a packable pullover item this season.

Neighborhood’s new drop

Japanese brand Neighborhood have made so many waves in the fashion industry over the years, but this collection is especially hard. The ‘Fuck Em’ all over print pants would be an unbelievably peng purchase… if your mum allows you to walk around the house with provocative slogans on your trousers, unfortunately I think I’d get a clap to the ear if I was to splash out on these. They do however have some military inspired two pieces, including cargos and C-Shirts. Adding to that, their baggage collab with Porter are of great quality, if you want a more robust accessory this winter.

JW Anderson Felt Converse

Anderson has a knack for submerging converse into the unknown and taking the Chuck Taylor’s completely out of their comfort zone. This time, the designer has interpreted them with a multi-coloured felt fabric; very cosy for winter... as long as you aren’t looking to splash in any puddles. Coming in two colour ways, you can pick up a pair (go on, treat yourself) at Dover Street Market right now. These are probably one of the most outrageous remakes of the Chucks yet; take a look for yourself.

Bianca Chandón tees

The new installation of tee shirts from Alex Olson’s brand are a great continuation of the classic pieces we have been accustomed to him making. Arguably, his break out piece was the ‘Lover’ hoodie, but now he has reached new realms of unisex apparel with a brightly coloured tee of a cockerel and a cartoon of a hand smacking a bum. As weird as this pairing of graphics seems, the 70s, Tom Bianci inspired aesthetic works really well when photographing the items, giving the tees that edge over many other brands out there.

Burton X Carhartt WIP jackets

Announcing a ten piece collaboration, the quality of materials Burton has brought to the table with Carhartt are perfect for the winter months. Finding a winter coat this year, for me anyway, has proved difficult. However, the Detroit brand has made everyone’s life a bit easier with this jacket drop, filled with Parkas and Hooded lux pieces. There are also overalls, and a Boiler suit, so if you are a builder worried about the inevitably crisp climate, I suggest you take a look at this collection. Not that I think any builders read our website anyway, I hope they do, but I highly doubt it.


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