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'Tis the season to start panicking about what to buy your loved ones for Christmas. Those lynx sets you’ve stockpiled from previous birthdays to pass on to your brother have run out, and besides, he’s well into his mid-thirties. It’s time you looked elsewhere and not only gift this Christmas, but gift great. How do you get your boyfriend to smell better without offending him? How do you get your girlfriend to wear garms that you blatantly want for yourself? What do you get your football-loving father that isn’t a novelty item from his club’s shop? Or, if you’re looking to gift yourself this Christmas, here are some ideas that should ease any yuletide anxiety.


Marni x Uniqlo balaclava

Perfect for: Your Aunty who gets down with the kids on a Tuesday and robs banks on a Thursday.

Adidas Hamburg Trainers

Perfect for: Anyone who's still boring you about blokecore being 'cool' again.

Subu – Walking on Clouds slippers

Perfect for: Your outdoorsy Uncle, who can't understand why you want to wear his Arct'eryx jacket all the time.

Palace Umbro Classic Jersey Vermillion

Perfect for: Anyone with a Paul Gascoigne complex.


Nike x Virgil Abloh – Icons coffee table book

Perfect for: Anyone who fancies themselves as the next streetwear messiah.

Lost Dreams – Simon Wheatley

Perfect for: Your Skepta-loving sibling who's trying to make it as a film photographer.

The Mint Club – Will Vickers

Perfect for: Your Yorkshire relative who claims he can't remember the 90s.


Comme Des Garcons Parfums

Perfect for: Your friend who refuses to buy shower gel but blows his money on Japanese streetwear.

Anatome Bamboo and Ceramic Aroma Diffuser - White

Perfect for: Anyone who's paying £800+ in rent for a damp bedroom in London.


Mount Kimbie MK 3.5: Die Cuts/City Planning vinyl

Perfect for: Any older siblings who go to Lost Village every year.

Leftfield ‘This Is What We Do’ vinyl

Perfect for: Any parent who bores you with their Hacienda stories circa 1990.

Knucks – Alpha Place vinyl

Perfect for: Any cousin who wears Corteiz cargos and a PSG top.


Stüssy skull caps

Perfect for: Anyone who thinks they're Jordan Vickors.

Carhartt WIP Jackson cap

Perfect for: Your Dad who "walks the dog" for two hours every evening, when he's secretly at the pub with his mates.

BrainDead striped logo head sock

Perfect for: Your younger brother who says he's not into fashion but pulls a t-shirt from your wardrobe on non-school uniform days.


Perfect for: Anyone who loves maximum comfort on Christmas day.

Words Liam Cattermole (@liam_cattermole)


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