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Since Sensi seduced us into the world of Greentea Peng, there are very few artists we have wanted to reach the heights that she has. For many, the South London soulstess is still a rising star, but on Nah It Ain’t The Same, she sonically proves that her music is some of the most compelling our country has to offer.

This is the first single from her forthcoming debut album MAN MADE - set for release in the summer. Produced by Earbuds, who you may also know for their work with Slowthai and Scuti, the track blends elements of jazz, jungle, hiphop and psychedelia, as Peng herself croons with the inherent, husky vocals she is know for.

The visuals, which come via Machine Operated, see the artist rolling through the routines of ordinary life. It’s a subject matter we are all too familiar with at the moment, but the sharp editing and Greentea’s morning rituals make for an enticing watch.

Check back here for any future news on Greentea Peng, who will hopefully be hitting our venues and festivals in the near future.

Words: Liam Cattermole (@liam_cattermole)

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