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With most of the world written off, now is the time to justify some home living, comfort enhancing purchases. Whether you are a runner looking for cheap alternatives to Oakley's eyewear, or a stay at home slob wanting to cosy up in front Money Heist, the following suggestions should have you covered for the remainder of isolation.


Affordable: Snuggies

Possibly one of TV shopping's most prestigious items, Snuggies possess the power to turn any human being into a walking blanket. Ignore the product's rather disturbing commercial and treat yourself to £40s worth of relaxation. In the law of meaning, this is not a luxury item - but it will feel comparable when curled up on the couch binging Netflix.

Luxury: Versace bath robe

P Diddy, Drake, Snoop Dogg... the list of artists who have been pictured in a Versace robe is endless. At $500 it might be difficult to warrant such a purchase, but this item defines luxury loungewear. Live like a baller with no budget, or cop a fake on Ali Express, and buy Gianni Versace's most esteemed ready-to-wear item.


Affordable: Arizona Birkenstocks

Light weight, multi-functional and extremely comfortable, Arizona Eva Birkies are better than any sliders you are currently walking around the house in. Coming in a range of colourways and impressively cheap prices, this slipper sandal will save you tiptoing out to the bins in your mum's abnormally small shoes, and alleviate any pain you find your feet in.

Luxury: Reebok x Needles x BEAMS Beatnick

Reviving their classic beatnick silhouette, Reebok's collaboration with Needles and Beams are a cosy, zeppelin looking answer to your slipper issues. Unsurprisingly, they are sold out, but a scour through depop or grailed should help you locate this Japanese footwear staple.


Affordable: Tesco’s desert flap cap

As affordable as this option is, it could be a nightmare to attain. Tesco delivery drivers have been blessed with some serious drip, and your only viable way of obtaining such an item is jumping a key worker. Ethically, this raises some serious implications - it just depends how desperate you are for such a rare freebie. Protecting you from the mid may sun, Tesco's desert flap cap is a risky item to retrieve, but one that could come with significant reward.

Luxury: Gucci reflective hood

We are still wondering whether this is the most pointless or purposeful luxury accessory on the market at the moment. At £260 it is difficult to find any justification for an item that probably features in Assassins Creed cosplay, but we have thought of a few handy uses that might twist your arm. The reflective material would be perfect for late night runs in the rain, although who really engages in such an activity?, and its shape will keep your neck and shoulders protected from any high temperatures.


Affordable: Duco’s polarised sports sunglass range

Blatantly ripping off any pair of Oakley's, Duco's range of sportswear sunglasses are a cheap and well reviewed alternative to any polarised eyewear. Look like your 50 years young, golf obsessed Uncle or any festival ping-head with this essential isolation accessory. They will be pretty handy for anyone who has taken up running in their free time too.

Luxury: Rick Owens - Rick sunglasses

Rick Owens' tendancy to transform anyone into a gothic cyborg is no different with this range of sunglasses. Luxury eyewear can be dreadful, unless you are a wannabe Will.I.Am, but the Californian has nailed it with this collection. Shop here.

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