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With a Colors Berlin to his name, and countless big name support sets, JD. Cliffe has been quietly making a stamp on North London’s internationally admired music scene.

‘Come Again’ is his brand new single. A summer banger in the making, the track sees Cliffe dabbling in an assortment of hip-hop, jazz and afrobeats, whilst exonerating that intrinsic London sonic the world has started to love.

Break out of spring’s bleak beginnings and give this track a listen. In a period when so much music from the Capital sounds abrasive, Cliffe is giving us a contrastingly woozy and optimistic stance on life.

We were lucky enough to have a few of our burning questions answered by the artist, check out the interview below.

How do you think your sound has developed from the time in which you did your Colors performance?

I feel like the biggest change for me is how adventurous with the sound I became. Trying out different things that inspire me, I still think the core is still the same though, that hasn’t changed much.

Has your recording process for this song been any different to your other projects? What did you learn from them that you wanted to incorporate on come again?

I learnt how to harmonize better from my previous projects where I started to utilise singing. This took a bit of time because I’m from a rap background and I wasn’t that used to singing and making this kind of music.

Why did you want a tune that feels so summery to come out at this time of year?

I don’t think there's really a time to drop a track. If it sounds good release it whenever.

The video has a hazey, vintage vibe. It seems you put a lot of emphasis on the visuals for your tracks; why is this and why did you pick this particular aesthetic for ‘Come Again’?

We wanted to take it old school and give it that VHS vibe, plus all the scenes we shot were just free flowing and weren’t really planned, it all just happened organically, it’s just friends chilling really.

Describe the tune in three words.

Jazzy, Classy, High life

If you could have anyone penning a verse or hook for 'Come Again', who would it be and why would you have them on the song?

Hus, because he’s the waviest in the UK right now.

What’s next for JD Cliffe?

Dropping singles throughout the year also got a couple more video’s lined up + shows.

Big up JD. Cliffe for answering these. Check back here, or on our socials @repeatmag, for any future news on the artist.


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