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Over the last three years, Jeshi has toured with Slowthai, worked with Mura Masa and debuted the single Rush on Colors Berlin. However, it still feels like his career hasn’t hit first gear.

The East London artist has been quietly making a name for himself, featuring on singles with Celeste, who appears on BAD TASTE, Daisy Maybe and a whole host of Artists. These collaborations have broadened his sonic landscape, and contributed to a more lucid collection of tracks for this project.

Both COMING DOWN and SAME SONGS, in their own ways, provided enough evidence that BAD TASTE could be something special. Jeshi’s dexterous wordplay and alluring flows accommodate both instrumentals veraciously, which is a credit to the rapper's endeavours in a range of influences.

The EP has an overarching narrative of living the high life. On tracks like CHROME BENZO, Jeshi uses parallels between pent houses and cheap wine to project the loneliness that comes with his lifestyle. There are some brilliantly satirical lines in the track too: “You're my alien girl, whole other world I just came in” is both clever and comical.

Using ballerina metaphors on SWAN LAKE, to describe his mashed up head, Jeshi again utilises luxurious imagery to describe his vulnerabilities. John Glacier adds a raspy hook, whilst Tev’n’s production delivers a devlish baseline and faint trap snares.

KISS THE FLAME tampers with afrobeat rhythms to produce a more dancy cut on the EP. Like the rest of BAD TASTE, it remains ethereal, matching Jeshi’s hazy delivery. The Fredwave featuring LENS maintains the project’s self-reflective stance - Wave patterns his verse, contemplating life in the limelight and all its pressures.

Celeste lends her vocals to 30,000 FEET - a woozy, soulful cut that sees Jeshi accentuating his impurities. Rising into a crescendo of Celeste’s smokey, RnB twinged tones, scintillating pianos and whirring synth, the track sees us out of BAD TASTE in a noble fashion.

Listen to the EP below.


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