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As the producer of two tunes on our up and coming ‘Tracks of the Month’ article, there was no way we could just avoid the talent and potential PULLEN has in the world of music. ‘BUTTERFLY KICK’, by 'KAM-BU' but produced by PULLEN, is a blissful banger, which utilises a colourful melodic progression, purposely to create the imagery of a butterfly . The little switch up in the middle allows KAM-BU to flurry too, pushing his rhyming talent to new limits. His ‘Fun in the sun on a slide’ track creates an intriguing contrast between classic instrumentation and UK rap collective 'Harlem Spartans' talented drill flows.

He has also had a spin on NTS’ ‘poetry show’, mixing classics from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, to UK talents like Fredo as well. If I had to liken PULLEN’S sound to anyone, I would say he is an English, urban twist on the colourful palette of beats KAYTRANADA often produces. He is doing a lot for the UK's underground hip hop scene at the moment, so check him out; he is definitely one on the up.


Bodega - How did this happen?

I have been listening to this Brooklyn based band a lot recently, and this track is certainly a stand out in their discography. Kicking off their debut album ‘Endless Scroll’, the punchy tune crafts a quirky eloquence for the rest of the LP, as all the members roar ‘think’ and ‘How did this happen?’ in a way that is very thought provoking. The parallels between technology and musical instruments are humorous but also well thought through, some things aren’t as complicated as people make out, and Bodega prove this on the song.

Lou Phelps ft Jazz Cartier - Come inside (KAYTRANADA edit)

For the most part, powerhouse producer KAYTRANADA has kept quiet recently. Since the release of his stunning '99.9%' LP, he hasn't teased a lot of music, and has favoured guesting on up and coming R&B/Hip Hop prospects like Lou Phelps, and even Rejjie Snow. This track is incredibly infectious, and easy to engage with. It is a multi-purpose tune, allowing you to jive with your mates, but alternatively stay mellow and mong out on your own. Regardless, it is a belting track, so give it a listen.

Comethazine - Walk

Lyrical Lemonade is a haven for up and coming American talent, and Comethazine has proved with this vid and track that he should be well in the mix. A bulky beat crafts the basis of this infectious tune, and amplifies the irritable tone the St. Louis rapper spits in. Barely reaching the 2 minute mark, the track had to slap early on; within 10 seconds I had my head banging.


Action Bronson - White Bronco

Bronson is one of the most loved men in hip hop. Even if you don't like his music, the chances are you have drooled all over your chin watching his cooking show 'Fuck that's delicious', or laughed uncontrollably at his zoot smoking, bong hitting, dab testing series 'Ancient Aliens' on VICE. Now though, he has a new single out, with an unbelievably psychedelic music video to compliment the scintillatingly smooth beat of 'White Bronco'. Making silhouettes of his bald head, and singling out his fascinating tattoos, the video is well worth a watch.



A$AP Rocky X Under Armour trainers

These shoes have been in the making for quite a while now. Since signing a deal with Under Armour, A$AP hasn’t revealed a great deal about the direction he was taking with his clothes... until now. Blending themes of acid house, skating and technical sportswear, the tracksuit is literal flames, and the shoes fit perfectly with the striking aesthetic the rapper ended up pursuing. The video below explains all.


End - End clothing

I was having a classic scroll through my Instagram the other day, and this brand came to my attention because of their Paul Ince tee shirt. The stylish nostalgia was instantly striking; not many brands put a heavy emphasis on football, and many really over look historical moments like Paul’s poor old split head against Italy in 1997. I'm Hoping for some more releases from the growing label, as the Ince tee is already sold out.


Vice’s ‘10 Questions’ series

Looking into sociological grey areas like undercover cops, but also weirdos claiming to be ‘Alien Whisperers’, Vice interrogate the Motive’s behind some of the world’s most interesting people. My favourite video so far has to be on the 'Flat Earther', who is going against the grain of societal norms and challenging our perception that the world is round. It is an eye opener, and you can’t say he hasn’t done his research, it’s just a shame he’s so wrong on the matter. Never the less, give it a watch below.

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