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Awake NY X Asics

Angelo Baque’s Awake is one of streetwear’s best kept secrets, but recently the label has been creeping into the wardrobes of the world’s biggest taste makers. Formerly the brand director of Supreme, Baque started Awake in 2012, aiming to evoke the timelessness of New York, whilst releasing vibrant collections in shops like Dover Street Market and Patta.

This Asics collaboration is pretty special. The two colorways are distinctively utopian, with lowkey 3mm fabric diffusing across the upper and distinctive branding. A suede material wraps around the Kayano’s classic silhouette and completes, arguably, the Dad crepe of the year.

Sacai - the mother of Japanese fashion

If you haven’t seen the new Nike X Sacai collab lurking on your Instagram feed, then you are following the wrong accounts. Label founder Chitose Abe’s rework of the LDV Waffles is fascinating, their peculiarity makes them as intriguing as they are desirable. However, the label has had a longer history than many may think; this release is just a highlight amidst a very gradual progression to the forefront of fashion.

Abe used to be a pattern cutter at CDG before she gave birth to her first child. Finding it hard to juggle motherhood with work, she left the company and the fashion industry until 1999, where her Husband Junichi convinced her to start Sacai. Throughout her career, Abe has contradicted convention, innovating textiles and experimenting with unique shapes that had never really been seen in women’s fashion. The label manages to find the perfect middle ground between wearability and individuality, whilst embracing the disciplined culture of Japan, check out their latest Nike refix on the Blazer silhouette.


Kerwin Frost Talks

For those that don’t know, Kerwin Frost is a member of the art collective ‘Spaghetti Boys’; he has gone from sleeping on sofas, to being styled personally by Kanye West. Now, he has his own chat series, which enlists some of contemporary cultures most celebrated individuals. A$AP Rocky, Ian Connor and Jeremy Scott have all featured; the show is still in Its preliminary stages, but the laid back approach is instantly likeable and easy to digest. You can see why GQ described Frost as “every influencer’s favourite influencer”, his charisma and passion for modern style is evident in his eccentric, unpredictable fits.

‘The Defiant Ones’ documentary series

Following the life of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovene, this four part Netflix documentary uncovers the story behind their unlikely bond. Dre and Iovene are from completely contrasting walks of life, but became inseparable because of their musically obsessive mindsets and incomparable work ethic. If you still haven’t watched Straight Outta Compton, and feel you’ve missed the boat, then this documentary gives you a real insight into the rise and fall of the godfathers of gangsta rap. Jimmy Iovene’s story is incredibly interesting too, co-founding interscope records and helping the meteoric rise of DefJam recordings in the 1980s.



Although they aren’t exactly new to us, we realised that BadGirl$’ hadn’t featured enough on Repeat. They’ve just signed to British boundary breaking record label ‘Black Butter’, the home of J Hus and Octavian, so we thought there was no better time to have them on here. Hailing from Manchester, but currently living in London, the band have managed to merge the gothic, trappy textures of XXXTentaction with the indie melodies that have defined our country as we know it today. Think Lil Peep meets Joy Division, absolutely bizarre I know and completely impossible now of course, but if the mixtape ‘Bethnal’ is anything to go by, we should be really excited about the trio. Check out their latest single below, and a very good article on them here on Vice.


Whilst listening to a show on Balamii radio, London’s infamous underground hub of alternative music, Kibo was interviewed alongside the likes of M.I.C and Kish!; all three artists have bodied their way to the top of the Capital’s Alt Rap scene, but Kibo I knew the least about. His unforgivingly boisterous flow has made waves on Soundcloud, but definitely isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

Debut mixtape ‘End64’ is a raw, hazy project that relishes in nostalgia; he references everything from Club Penguin, to Dragon Ball Z, whilst sampling Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Faucet’ on ‘Omaha Beach’. As for recent single ‘Wavy Affairs’, the rapper finds himself savagely spitting over the visceral production of Dxvl and Manny Dubbs, the track is made for mosh pits so catch him in your area if and when he comes.

Bone Soda with Channel Tres and Black Noi$e

Independent record label Bone Soda have a knack for getting some pretty special guests on their monthly NTS Radio Show, but June’s episode has trumped the lot. Fresh from his set at Field Day, Compton genre defier Channel Tres hooked up with, founder, Skinny Macho for an interview, whilst Black Noi$e treated listeners to an exclusive mix of industrial techno, heavy hip hop and house. If you’re stuck in a musical drought, finding it tediously difficult to discover new music, then check out the sonics spun by Skinny Macho or Tommy Gold on NTS; one minute you could be vibing out to Toro Y Moi, and the next you’re hearing some slightly obscure grime instrumental from Scratcha DVA. Check out the show below.


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