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Léa Sen Drops Flawless EP 'You Of Now, Pt. 2'

Following countless high-profile features, Léa Sen returns with a self-assured EP embracing her hypnotic charm.

Words Jaiya (@bubba.janko)

French-Martinican Léa Sen embodies the modern-day artist: multi-faceted and self-assured, the singer-producer-songwriter has become known for her soulful productions and fantastic live sets.

Since moving to London from Paris in 2019 she’s taken the big smoke into her stride, collaborating with respected names like Oscar Jerome, Joy Orbison, Vegyn and Wu-Lu. She’s stamped her hypnotic charm into the heart of the UK scene, and her new EP 'You Of Now Pt. 2', is a cut above a lot coming from the capital.

Across delicate melodies, tasteful chops and ambient electronic touches, Léa flaunts 14 minutes of rich and beautifully crafted songs. Track 2, ‘Again’, shows a different side to her, with Burial-esque drums giving darker sonics with a slowed UKG feel. Track 3, ‘Luv Him (about u)’, embraces her melodic prowess, with vocals as catchy and sweet as any SWV or Justin Timberlake tune. All five tracks bleed into each other seamlessly, and the project begs to be listened to again and again.


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