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Bringing an R&B flavour to U.K. Drill, Lizzy Waps has turned heads in the scene with her intrinsically fiery flow and direct delivery. Taste makers such as Tiffany Calver have repeatedly supported the artist on her show, and with new single ‘Thanos (One Snap)’ out in the open, Waps could rise quickly to the forefront of Britain's most prolific sound.

The masked maverick has provided us with a list of her favourite rappers equally making waves in their respective circles. From Headie One to Blanco, check out Lizzy Waps' recommendations below.

First off everyone should know that I’m from South so if I’m biased, then so be it. And I’m going with my key players rather than a lot of newcomers like myself. In no particular order. My top 8 drill artists are:


Harlem formation has always been one of the strongest out, obviously Loski was everyone’s favourite at one time but when the starting line-up changed, Blanco came through and shocked everyone. I’m not even talking “Ringtone”, listen! “English Dubbed” is a fucking classic. “Mirror Man”, “Pull Up”, “Shippuden”, etc. That melodic, anime reference, lyric puzzle, double meaning is/was jus sick. Bigger than drill. He pushed in a direction I didn’t even know we could go. He came different. Mad versatile. 


I respect the movement and how he brought his team through, from RV and the younger lot, now #OFB is like the biggest, most consistent outfit out. #OFB is a whole brand. Bandokay and SJ are the name brand, like most weeks there’s a new #OFB member to get into... I put that down to Headie. The team is even more sick with Abs on side, but he was kind of self made before. Headie is premier. “Know Better” is my tune.


Nobody’s come in and patterned like Millionz in a long time. He changed up the game, took the spotlight and dropped back to back to back bangers. Different flow, sick wordplay, accent, everything 10-10. Plus when he took it back to Jamaica, for me that was when my respect levels went over the edge. I’m waiting for a Clark’s collaboration with his own signature shoe, not trainer, SHOE!. His accent is proper sexy!!! And differently, I have so much respect for him showing love to SK like that. Millionz is a real one! Like every track from “North West” to garage flavoured “B1llionz”. 


“Like Me”, “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”... Meekz is just sick. He says it how it is and it always makes sense. I’ve just clocked, Meekz isn’t even drill, but his impact, influence and presence is as big as any drill rapper, bigger than most. I love his video concepts and execution. I like the mystery behind him too. Like there’s many layers to him. 


“Best of Both” is a wave, plus I’ve heard unreleased music, they’re proper.  The one who spits last has a mad voice that shakes the speakers, his voice is just mad. Their track formation is proper, bars, styles, flows, hooks. Cfigz, Clapalot, RIP 16Shotz.


He’s just so patterned up with every release. Every single or tape drop. SL is a wave. Solid fan base, effortless delivery. His tropical drill style proved there’s room for shifts in the genre, in a way, he’s opened the door for me to be able to come with yet another style to the drill sound. Trendsetter. “Tropical” is still a favourite.


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