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North Londoner LZee has been racking up millions of listens on streaming platforms over the last year, despite still being 16. However, his adolescence is difficult to notice in the dexterous lyricism, and rhyme patterns, that have established himself as one of the brightest young voices in U.K. rap. Releasing his first full-length tape, after only a few singles, is a bold move - but this only exonerates the Camden based artist's admirable confidence and musical capabilities.

L4ZY TOWN dispersed onto all of your favourite streaming platforms today. Dripped in trappy snares and woozy melodies, a couple of which produced by Hardy Caprio collaborator JT, the project personifies a new sound coming out of the Capital.

The tape allows LZee to test his versatility, finding a RARE balance between raw rhymes and commercial choruses. Produced by Milts, Man Of Steel features a punchy verse from P From Lee, who bodies the drill infused trap beat effortlessly. Zee more than matches the Ammi Boyz member with his distinctive delivery and contagious hook.

Listen to L4ZY TOWN below, and read our interview with LZee. Big ups to him for answering the Qs.

You’re 16, and you find yourself on the Who We Be Spotify playlist surrounded by AJ Tracy,  Roddy Rich and SL. How does that make you feel? Did you think at your young age that’d be achievable?

It makes me feel gassed and motivated to do more. And yes I always thought it would be achievable, however I thought it would have taken more time.

When did you start writing your rhymes?

When I was like 12 - 13

What was it like growing up in Camden? There’s a lot of musical competition in the Capital, so why do you think you’ve been able to break out of the scene?

I didn’t actually grow up in Camden but I moved there a few years ago and I like it there. And yes there is a lot of competition but most of them are doing the same thing and that will only work for a period of time.

What is L4ZY Town about? What story does it tell?

L4ZY Town is pretty much just about me, it is my first tape so the aim is just to let people learn more about me and the type of music that I will be bringing out.

Are you more influenced by the scenes in England or America? Your music blurs the lines between the different sounds well.

I’m definitely influenced by both. When I was younger it was predominantly US music that was popping more, however because of my older sister and my parents I heard lots of UK music like Grime and UKG.

Are there any artists in particular that motivate the creation of your music? In terms of both competition and influence.

It really depends on what I’m listening to at the time or maybe on the way to the studio, however I wouldn’t say that many artists really have an influence on my music because I’m trying to make a new sound. 

We have to talk about Gavin and Stacy. Legendary U.K. comedy, what made you write a song about the show? We were wondering if it’s a metaphor for anything?

The song isn’t really about the show, it’s a metaphor relating to being married to herbs.

If you could wear one clothing brand for the rest of your life, what would it be? How does it resonate with you?

Definitely Nike because I’ve been wearing it from young. It looks clean and is comfortable.

What’s next for Lzee?

Releasing more bangers!!!

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