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Minikingz prove they are “way too clear” on debut single ‘New Skin Care’

Ragz Originale, Oscar #Worldpeace, and Benjiflow are back under the pseudonym ‘MiniKingz’.

Although this is their first single, UK Rap fans should be accustomed to the penmanship of MiniKingz. The trio has tapped into many realms in their solo careers, combining sounds as far-reaching as grime and bossa nova to illuminate their arsenal of rhymes and create a sound intrinsic to them. From the samba shuffles of BenjiFlow’s ‘Deep End’ to the dystopian dancehall rhythms of Ragz Originale’s ‘no doubt’ and the trap tendencies of ‘YA!’ by Oscar #Worldpeace – the group’s individual catalogs stand as some of the most diverse.

This genre-less approach to making music has made them synonymous with London’s streets and the country’s overriding cosmopolitanism; it’s a formula for greatness that we, as fans, whiteness in full effect on ‘New Skin Care’. The track’s braggadocios punchlines, sporadic instrumental, and tribal hook forge a notable finesse that characterises their prowess as artists.

The video’s colourless grading gives the song a luxurious feeling that radiates their self-proclaimed royal status. Kaleidoscopic editing techniques and quick camera movements add to the intrigue and project the track’s idiosyncratic beat and hook. Matching tracksuits, provided by Patta, top off the aesthetic and make you realise how connected they are to street and youth culture as well as British music.

Hopefully, this single is the first of many. A mixtape was mentioned in interviews last year, but whether we can actually expect this remains to be seen.

Written by Liam Cattermole (@liam_cattermole)


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