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The Brighton-based punk/rap trio are back for their third single of 2022.

With cosigns from the likes of Wiki and Lava La Rue, Nokia Mansion are organically rising through the ranks of Britain’s DIY rap-sphere. Their wavey wordplay and celestial beat choices have put the South Coast’s music scene in a chokehold and dominated the speakers of university parties for a minute.

Last week, the trio released their third single of the year, ‘O Nice’, which chronicles the hardship of being skint and in love. Producer Harley’s trap beat ripples below the tremulous hooks of Sly Fieri and Bador’s candid verses, which illuminate his love of Stüssy and resent for clout-chasers.

Barely reaching the two-minute mark, ‘O Nice’ sticks to NM’s tried and tested formula. The multifaceted trapstars, who are set to release a tour sometime soon, match interplanetary production with catchy hooks and punchy bars, leaving fans craving more releases. However, with a rumoured album in the works, listeners might finally be getting what they're wishing for.

Check back here for any further news on Nokia Mansion and listen to the track below.

WORDS Liam Cattermole (@liam_cattermole)


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