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Satisfy any new music itches with our On REPEAT playlist, which has been updated for February.

Words: REPEAT Team

Wesley Joesph - 'GLOW': Wesley Joseph’s blessed us with his interstellar, nocturnal sophomore LP, ‘GLOW’, this month and the title track is a euphoric, spacey trip. He trades bars for bubbling, ambient, synth arpeggios, and Bon Iver-influenced Prismizer vocal effects that continue to create a dream-like intoxication. It’s a standout from the new album, which is definitely worth your time.

Nia Archives - 'Conveniency': Nia Archives returns with another trademark hit, continuing her streak after a MOBO win, following her campaign for more dance/electronic representation in the awards. “I can’t always be, option number 3”, she sings in her typical monotone inflection that pairs perfectly with the clashing breakbeat drums and playful acoustic guitar.

Otik - 'Summer Ghost': Summer Ghost is the highlight of Otik’s new EP by the same name. The tune sets tinkly music-box synths over a lowkey dancehall beat. Melodies layer and swirl through one another, bathing the listener in a heady, hypnotic vapor. It would be the perfect soundtrack to that first crack of sunlight washing over a festival crowd. Once again, Otik stuns with his sophistication and versatility.

YT - 'Something New': Taken off YT's new mixtape Real Life, 'Something New' opens with a potent and telling conversation that's indicative of the track's wider narrative. The multifaceted producer-rapper-singer reflects endearingly on a relationship and the dialogue between them.

SamRecks - 'BACK PACK': Continuing his journey of sonic innovation, SamRecks returns with the nostalgic feeling 'BACK PACK'. Continuing to show off a uniquely jumpy pen game, the talented wordsmith touches on his relationship with fashion and love interests alike. An inherently London sound flows throughout Rekki's new single, which he's had creative control over in every aspect of the process. Watch the video below.


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