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Dive into our favourite tracks of the month with our 'On Repeat' playlist, featuring tracks from Nix Northwest, Onoe Caponoe, Biig Piig and more.

2023 is already looking like a promising year with plenty of new music to get behind. Psych-rap stalwart Onoe Caponoe released a brilliant new album, Overmono announced their debut record alongside a single and Miles from Kinshasa followed up his summer jam “Don’t Be An App” with a heavyweight remix.

Listen to all of our suggestions below.

Onoe Caponoe ft Lil B - "Fifi (Mermaid Lagoon)"

Taken from Onoe Caponoe’s new album ‘Concrete Fantasia’, “Fifi (Mermaid Lagoon)” is a moment of psychedelic brilliance. Stretching beneath his potent wordplay, the elastic melody makes for a hallucinatory listen. American rap stalwart Lil B blesses the track with a conscious verse, tapping into the narcotic-fuelled narrative Onoe crafts. The psych-rap enigma’s new project is well worth checking out, with a cacophony of mind-boggling flows to indulge in.

Psi.Ko - "C.H.A.V"

A poignant single from Psi.Ko “C.H.A.V” sees the wordsmith switching flow with an aggressive assuredness. Spitting social observations over a rolling hip-hop beat, the artist injects positivity into a term that’s often derogative. “Are you a skiver or a striver, which one are you?” she asks herself from a place of profound honesty, before telling us “I ain’t got nothing to prove”.

Biig Piig – "Liquorice"

Biig Piig kicked off the year with her long-awaited debut mixtape 'Bubblegum', a well-needed burst of energy and colour in this particularly slow, gloomy time of year. A particular highlight is the bittersweet "Liquorice", a mellow bedroom pop cut with subtle garage-influenced drums that add texture to this particularly tranquil cut. Paired with ambient, dreamy synths floating underneath Biig Piig’s delicate melodies, the track is definitely a standout from 2023 so far.

TYSON ft Coby Sey - "Can't Be Unstuck"

After stunning us with her debut EP ‘Pisces Problems’, TYSON’s been relatively quiet. Starting 2023 as she means to go on, the artist, and daughter of Neneh Cherry, is back with the placidly beautiful single “Can’t Be Unstuck”, featuring Coby Sey. Harmonising over a stripped-back instrumental, the duo possess an undivided chemistry which we hope to hear more of in the future.

Nige – "Lout"

Nige, another rising talent from the unmatched Nine8 collective, has delivered on all fronts with his new EP, ‘Nigel Needs A Win’. The opening track "Lout" is a guitar fuelled, genre-bending melting pot of post-punk and Hip-Hop. The track is packed full of tongue-in-cheek lyrics alongside threats of ‘misogynistic little prick just shut your mouth’. His deep inflections unearth memories of early King Krule, whilst his direct, politically charged anti-tory lyrics deliver the heavy punch that we expect from Nige.

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