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Want to keep on top of the best music releases? We've got you covered.

On REPEAT: A playlist updated monthly, featuring TYSON, Miso Extra and Pholo.


TYSON and Albertina - 'Don't Let Me Go'

TYSON and Albertina, two of the most exciting up-and-comers, have teamed up for ‘Don’t Let Me Go’. The track is a sensual slow jam, with standout melodies from the pair, floating amidst lo-fi synths and trap drums. We can’t wait to hear more from both of them.

Miso Extra - 'Space Junk'

‘Space Junk’ is the latest from REPEAT favourite Miso Extra. The track revels in early noughties era R&B production, with an extra splash of Miso flavour, making for one of the summer's strongest anthems thus far. Make sure you pay attention to the English-Japanese rapper, because her rise is inevitable.

KAM-BU - 'LIVE-O' - Haai Remix

Australian producer HAAi is feeding the UK with her remix of KAM-BU’s ‘LIVE-O’, a standout from his latest EP. The track is sure to be a crowd-pleaser amongst any DJ set, with her imaginative, vibrant electronics glimmering through throbbing kick drums and menacing vocals. Give it a spin.

chuala - 'Amnesia'

chuala crafts an ominous, otherworldly experience on her latest track, ‘Amnesia’. Her vocal expertise is contrasted fiercely with distorted rapped vocals and pounding 808s, as the track shapeshifts into a fully immersive experience. If she’s not already, make sure chuala is on your radar.


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