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And so here it is: our first officially released item of Repeat merchandise - the ‘Repeat Mag Reading Tee’. We’ve had these on the production line for a while, but after saying “that’s what over drafts are for, right?” one too many times this year, we found ourselves unable to make them when we originally wanted. Thankfully, it seems like now is an even better time to drop them to you all.

With our first publication currently in the works, and in its final stages, the funds raised from these t-shirts will be going towards printing Repeat Mag Vol.1. As it turns out, we were naive to the manufacturing costs of a physical magazine, so this money will really make it the best it can possibly be for you all.

At a mere £20, less than four pints of Guinness in most places, you’ll bag yourself a quality t-shirt - designed by Cambridge native Selena Scott (…). And, although a few jars of fine Irish stout might be tempting, we know you won’t be disappointed spending that purple note elsewhere.

Thank you all for your support, we'll have more info in regards to REPEAT MAG VOL.1 soon

The link to our shop can be found here:

See below for washing instructions : Wash at 40 degrees. Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Don't tumble drying normal, air dry only.

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