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Overmono Return With the Introspective "Walk Through Water"

Credit Rollo Jackson

Overmono, who have produced some of the most iconic electronic music of the past few years, unveiled a new track today called ‘Walk Thru Water’.

Unlike the recent ‘Blind Date’ release – a pulsing club anthem created alongside Joy Orbison – the new single is a much more emotional experience.

It opens with warm synths, and broken chinks of sound like sunlight breaking through cloud. The sampled voice of St Panther is squeezed through constantly shifting filters and effects. As the song gains traction, a downtempo beat cuts in beneath the vocals. The oscillating, delay drenched texture gradually layers up to reach a soft crescendo, before slowing to a stop.

Just under a year ago, Overmono won DJ Mag’s award for the Best Live Act. Since then, the Russel brothers have followed a packed itinerary spreading their buzzy electronic gospel all over Europe and the US. Highlights include a soaring sixty minutes at Glastonbury festival, and a handful of ambitious live sets (performances that incorporate on the spot production).

On Instagram, the pair wrote: “This one felt like a fitting way to close out on what’s been an absolutely insane year... We spent so much time on the road between shows and were always writing music whenever we could.”

Today’s release marks a moment of reflection in the wake of a frantic period for the Overmono. It builds upon the introspective sound aired on their Cash Romantic EP, but also feels like a flavour of what’s to come. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for plenty more good music in 2023.

Words Patrick Harrington


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