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Pangaea Unleashes Dancefloor Devastating New Single 'Installation'

Producer DJ Pangaea returns to Hessle Audio with the bonafide festival heater 'Installation', pulling from weighty techno grooves and chopped vocals.

Words Joe Leonard Walters (@joe.leonard.walters)

It’s finally here. The tune that you'll hear on every soundsystem of every festival over the summer has been released. The driving sub that powers Pangaea’s instant classic, 'Installation', is immediately recognisable. Pair this with catchy chopped and screwed vocals and you've got yourselves a bonafide dancefloor earworm like no other.

'Installation' is a different type of Hessle Audio release. Throughout their 16-year history, Hessle's music has stuck to the same 4-5 track EP format, with the occasional LP for good measure. Whether this newly imputed single-track, digital download format is a response to the increasing vinyl printing costs or the growing pace of TikTok-fueled trend cycles, one thing's for sure, this is a track that the world needed to hear as soon as possible.


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