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Pink Siifu is an artist bursting with creativity, vibrance and raw energy. From Alabama, he spills his southern drawl effortlessly over genre-melting beats. He does it all: jazz, soul, Memphis rap and trap. Yet, he’s always able to keep it authentic and unique. He’s on a roll at the moment. His latest solo project, "Gumbo’!" ,received big praise from industry heads and fans alike. His workrate is wild too. Between album drops, he’s non-stop collaborating with artists and featuring on fresh projects.

His latest EP, "Real Bad Flights", is a collaborative effort with producer crew and clothing company Real Bad Man. The beats feel like prime old-school hip-hop (think NAS or The Fugees). Layers of 70’s soul samples, grainy drum breaks and moody atmospherics lay the perfect foundation for Pink Siifu to remind us that at his core, he is a gifted and unique rapper. Guest features join on nearly every track, including Kari Faux, Boldy James & Armand Hammer. Pink Siifu weaves in and around them, his charismatic voice and clarity grabbing your ears throughout.

‘Real Bad Flights’ shows us that Pink Siifu has perfected the art of communicating his ideas to an audience. Through his beat selection, album concept, artwork, choice of guests, skits and general atmosphere, he expresses his vision for the project and cohesively relays to you what Siifu is all about. I can’t wait to see what he does with this talent next.

Words Jaiya Moon (@bubba.janko)


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