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Released on Rhythm Section records last year, Pinty’s first EP (City Limits) was greeted with wide acclaim. Marinading two-steps rhythms with vulnerable lyricism, the project was a-typical to a lot of 2019 releases influenced by Britain’s rave traditions.

We would often listen to City Limits whilst travelling around Asia. The EP saved us from the deafening EDM everyone seems to be infatuated with out there, and kept us connected to the quintessential qualities of our country.

Midnight Moods, Pinty’s latest offering, expands his musical repertoire beyond the realms of UKG. Classic House, for example, adds another dimension to the Peckham native’s intrinsic, woozy sound.

The Archy Marshall produced Its Just Life kicks off Midnight Moods in a decisive manner, templating the EP’s hazy electro vibe. Sonically conveying late night London, with tipsy synths and native slang, its a strong start to the project.

Punctual garage breaks, with slick drums, construct the basis of E and Moonlit Duty. Pinty’s tongue and cheek lyricism in the latter track provides a comical outlet on the project, as he tells us he is still looking for the “girl with the…nice smile”.

Go Back To Bed Pt. 2 nestles misty Chicago House production beneath whirring synthesisers and Pinty’s playful delivery. The beat soon switches to a faster tempo, making the track similarly suitable for the club, as a lager and a zoot with your mates at home.

Lyrically, Pinty is at his best on All Nighty. This tune will translate perfectly into a live setting, with its garage emcee influences creating hype over the bopping beat. Its comparable to Honey on City Limits, but the clearer drums make are easier to jive along to.

The EP ends with Fresher, which uses a slurry hip-hop beat to slowly drift us out of the project. Midnight Moods again pays homage to Pinty’s hometown, priding Peckham the eclectic mix of sonics that have come out of South London.

Listen to the EP below, or be a g and buy the record here.


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