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Hidden in the industrial landscape of Holbeck, Mint’s minimal, dingy aesthetic has been the choice venue for many of the world’s leading underground DJs. It’s unassuming look revels in obscurity; to the average by-passer, this club is nothing more than an abandoned warehouse, but on nights like Saturday, it really is the place to be in Leeds. This was the first of Stuart Forsyth and DJ Sofi’s co-created series ‘Signals’, a collaboration with Red Bull that aims to explore “the vast expanses of techno and electro’. The opening event really didn’t disappoint in this respect.

The versatility of sonics displayed, from Objekt’s ingenious take on contemporary electronica to Skee Mask’s soul-destroying hybrid of breakbeats and ambient textures, kept everyone consistently raving for 8 hours. On each drop, people synchronically turned to one another looking desperately for someone who knew the name of the tune blasting through the speakers. TJ Hertz, more informally known as Objekt, set the tone of the night with a set rich in vintage acid house and innovative tech bangers; his performance was a consequent journey through the future of dance music.

Both Zenker Brothers and Skee Mask derive from Germany’s illustrious electro scene. The country is a mecca for club music, and their back-to-back provided the musical diversity everyone was craving. The DJs clearly knew where they were playing, with intersections of U.K dub classics, and sinister, bassy garage providing an assortment of sounds completely intrinsic to England. One minute, Benga and Coki’s seminal track ‘Night’ was blearing from the rigs parallel to the decs, and then a signature Ilian Tape (Zenker Brother’s record label), breakbeat banger would erupt through the sound-system.

With DJ Bone next, Signals are providing some irresistible nights out in Leeds. Get down to Mint next month for another night of scintillating techno.

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