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In this new section, we tell you about everything that has got us excited this week. Whether it is a collection of clothing, a new song, an exhibition, gig, or even a new chocolate bar, you can find everything that we love, and have just discovered, right here.



So there I was, dashing to get ready for work, and getting increasingly stressed about not finding my headphones. With only 10 minutes to go until my train, I hear this thumping trance banger blare out of the radio. ‘What on earth is this?’ I said to myself, becoming increasingly hypnotised by the chaotic collision of staccato drums and synth patterns. Then came these powerful, mesmeric rap verses over the beat, and I was instantly hooked. I had never heard of the tune before, and it made my morning instantly less stressful. The song was ‘O’ by Shygirl; since I heard the track that morning, I have been infatuated with her music. Blane Muise, her real name, is like no other artist out there at the moment, finding the perfect medium between the irregular, funky beats of Scottish artist ’SOPHIE’ and the star studded attitude of M.I.A. She is definitely one to watch out for this year, and has been intoxicating British music for a while now. I was watching an interview with Octavian backstage at a festival the other day and Shygirl’s ‘Rude’ intruded on the conversation, causing the Journalist to stop and listen to Muise’s throbbing single.

NEW EPS - Dizzee Rascal - Don’t Gas Me

It’s barely been a year since Dizzee’s latest album ‘Raskit’, the record in which the legend returned to his grime roots. Dylan Kwabena Mills, the MC’s real name, has drawn on a broader spectrum of influences on this EP though; the personally produced garage/baseline inspired belters are a showcase of contagious beats, and the Bow born boy’s Tongue and Cheek lyrics. The common theme of piano shimmers through the EP, and shines especially on the untouchable collaboration with Skepta, ‘Money Right’. The slightly haunting beat sits subtly over the distinctive flows of Dizzee and Skeppie, the MC’s feed off each other’s energy and apply the perfect mix of raw, early 2000s grime, and the more sophisticated mainstream sound both artists have developed since hitting it big. ‘Spin Ya’ could have slotted right into ‘Showtime’, the Grime God’s second album, so take a trip down memory lane and land this EP on your speakers.

Modulist - The Problem Kid

Part of NTN, one of London’s most exciting new collectives, Modulist’s first Mixtape utilises sinister beat loops, on tracks like ‘Safe’ and ‘Swanton’, as well as some of Britain’s best up and coming rappers. He proved his worth on the ‘Called Out’ EP; ‘Sin City’ was a personal favourite for me on there, and he seems to have transferred the gritty, subterranean sound from the track to his own Mixtape. Simply, this EP produces banger after banger, from the tweeting opener of ‘Bird Calls’, featuring self proclaimed rockstar YS Tekdinner, to the powerful finisher ’N.W.O Freestyle’, all of the tunes serve one purpose; to invite a riot at NTN’s upcoming shows.



Irreverent graphics, humorous branding, and collections in Dover Street Market, ‘Assid’ is the British brand weaving their way into the successes of the streetwear scene. Benny, Simon and Tommy are the three creators of the label, and their prints are becoming progressively well-known around the world. Still without a website, and only being distributed in 13 stores around the world, it isn’t easy to get your hands on their designs, but the playful prints they create are both funny and incredibly stylish. My favourite piece is their ‘Lassid’ hoodie, based on the infamous ‘Lassy Come Home’ film about the dog that runs away. Have a look at their stockists, and we can all hope that they end up with an online shop soon.


Opening up metres away from the likes of Palace, Supreme and Dukes Cupboard, Stüssy now have a newly developed space for their evolving punk inspired collections. The Californian brand is experiencing a resurgence in hype, due to their unique patterns and takes on classic clothing. The label has come along way in my lifetime; back in secondary school, I associated the brand with white girls, but I have been made to look naive and ignorant since 2015. I hope Stüssy pursue the aesthetic they have been developing recently, with the likes of Jordan Vickors helping to sustain a new creative direction for the skate-wear powerhouses. The shop features a huge 8 ball, some lovely plants, and very helpful workers - who are often at a minimum in Soho, especially in Supreme.



I became aware of Berlin's pop up carnival of clothing and culture a week ago when watching PAQ; the certified best YouTube series for fashion. They were picking out clothes from the collection of High Street and Independent stores that managed to get a space there. From Wavey Garms’ historical assortment of rave ready outfits, to the Air Force and Vans customisations stations, this place looked like absolute heaven for any streetwear lover. Adding to the glory of the event, Sheck Wes, Jimothy Lacoste and Octavian all graced their live stage, and added to the party vibes Zalando released onto Berlin. Check out the video of the PAQ boys doing their challenge at the event below, and look at how Carhartt brought the waves with NTS Radio to the shopping extravaganza.

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