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And here it is, finally, the inaugural issue of Repeat Magazine! From the moment we started our website, the aim had always been to produce something physical for people to consume, so you can imagine that we are pretty gassed to share this with you. Repeat began many moons ago, mainly to satisfy the boredom we had developed whilst saving money to go travelling in our gap year. In this time, we started to make a magazine but, in all honesty, it was pretty dreadful. And with a couple hundred of followers, it would have only been our Parents, Grandparents and (potentially) our dogs reading it anyway. Scrapping the idea, we persevered with the website, went off to have a great time in Asia, and then returned to report on festival season. We kept plucking away at it in university, and by the time coronavirus came around, Repeat ended up being an absolute life saver. Without a means to write and publish articles, we would have gone stir crazy. The decision to start a physical magazine again was an unsurprisingly impulsive one; it seems all our best (and worst) decisions are complete actions of impulsivity. Creating a magazine during the height of a worldwide pandemic probably didn’t help us either. Nevertheless, we sent out emails to agents, managers and artists we could find contacts for, and to our amazement, people came back wanting to be involved. Several trips to the big smoke followed; meeting Finn Foxell for a masala fish meal, Feux in a pub for the England vs Scotland game and getting incredibly high off Scuti’s second hand smoke in a Peckham youth club were just a few highlights that I can vividly remember. As well as these stories, there are plenty of bits to flick through in our first issue. In one article, we reflect on England’s greatest footballing tragedy since Italia 90’, but also the togetherness our country felt as a result of the team’s efforts. I’m talking about the Euros of course. Elsewhere, we have a lookbook shoot and interview with the Groovy Garage boys, a review of Gilles Peterson’’s We Out Here festival and some stunning graffiti courtesy of Maze - one of Cambridge’s finest spray can scribblers. We are extremely proud to call this our first magazine, and hope all of you reading this genuinely rate it too.

Buy issue 1 here for £10 and treat yourself to a t-shirt too if you fancy. There are a selection of sizes still available on our web shop.

For everyone in and around Cambridge, save yourself the postage and grab a copy in either 24 Hour Club or Groovy Garage. We hope to announce more stockists across the country soon.

Peace and Love,

Liam Cattermole (@liam_cattermole)


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