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Our pick of the mixes from January. Plug in and get listening.

Bradley Zero, HÖR - 28 Jan

This month, the legendary Bradley Zero finally paid a visit to the HÖR bathroom in Berlin. Zero is something of a godfather to the current underground music scene, particularly in London. As part of the original Boiler Room team, and founder of pioneering institution Rhthym Section, he has been pivotal in shaping modern UK club culture. Predictably stunning, the set is a psychedelic-tinged journey via both recent and classic releases. Zero has an incredible sense of ebb and flow, and a lethal natural groove, which he deploys to full effect. Essential listening from one of the best around.

Sputnik One, Truancy Volumes - 16 Jan

Dublin based Sputnik One added number 299 to the Truancy Volumes this month, with a weighty 75-minute mix. His most recent release called in Belfast MC EMBY for a punchy grime track ‘Supa Natural’, with percussive club clanger ‘Grafters’ on the B-side. The producer and DJ has to his name a growing pool of forward thinking, bassy releases. This low-end lovin’ was at the helm for much of his TRUANTS mix, which explored broken techno, break beat, grime and jungle. Sputnik expertly keeps a leash on the often unruly beats.

Bluetoof b2b re:ni, Rinse FM - 25 Jan

Bluetoof invited re:ni onto his final weekly Rinse show of January for a bit of b2b fun. It was a suitable way to mark the year anniversary of re:ni’s debut release Revenge Body, a demonic 4-track techno EP. Bluetoof explores a wide spectrum of dance music on his shows, but for this one the pair stuck around the 135-145 range. Techno finds a lot of air time, along with plenty of swampy off-beat stuff to test your subs. The first 10 minutes ease us in before things turn dark and muddy – so wear ya boots!

Kitsta b2b SAVVY, Balamii - 1 Feb

We introduced Kitsta as one of our artists to watch in 2023, and with this mix she’s off to a great start. Pal SAVVY was roped in for this instalment of her Balamii show, with the pair uniting around their passion for all things proggy. Over the past few years SAVVY has carved a space for herself in Leeds as part of the 199 gang and through her recurring party Savvy’s House. The mix is a deep and spiralling dive through house, trance and breaks, all affectionately flecked with acidy tones. Seamlessly blended squelches over a driving groove – what’s not to like?!

Mixtress with Ell Murphy & Kenny Dogleash, Rinse FM - 20 January

This month Mixtress welcomed back Kenny Dogleash onto her Rinse show, and was joined by DJ and vocalist Ell Murphy for a b2b2b. Ell and Mixtress are well acquainted to sharing the decks as they form one half of the group Team Woibey, alongside Ohmydais and Fae. In a rare occurrence, Mixtress drops the BPM below 160 as the trio tear through a whole spectrum of genres – described by Mixtress towards the end as ‘multi-genre fuckery’. There are plenty of high energy bangers to sink your teeth into, perfect for a Friday night.

Words Patrick Harrington (@_patrickharrington_)


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