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Whilst writing this article, one major question drew to our attention. Yes lots of lovely clothing is hitting the shelves of our virtual shops, but when are we actually going to be able to properly wear this out in the world? The past week has blessed us with relatively clear skies and warm(ish) temperatures, but the temptation to sit down on a relatively damp park and crack open a cold one in fresh clobber feels all too premature.

One can only hope that life will be different come May/June, and we've been keeping a close eye on the trends that we feel will define this season. From the runways of Paris to the soles of A$AP Mob, and French sportswear to Jean Paul-Gaultier-esque meshwear, take a look at our favourite fads for spring.


If the A$AP Mob are known for anything other than lavish rhymes, it’s their collective eye for style. As avant-garde as some of their fits can be, recently, Sambas have been the one consistency playing out on their feet. The trainer is one of Adidas' most iconic silhouettes, blurring the lines between sports and casual wear. With the Euros coming up, and the inevitability of kick arounds, this could become a staple for anyone wanting to look great, whilst smashing a volley past their mate in a game of heads and vs. Grace Wales Bonner also released a collaboration with the shoe in her debut Adidas collection this year. The design takes inspiration from “the diasporic connections between Britain and the Caribbean.”


As many of you probably know, Salomon’s have been on the cusp of super-trendom for years, but 2021 feels like the annum where the French brand has started to reaching dizzying new heights. Comme Des Garçons recently dropped an 'avant-garde' collection with them, whilst Palace have continued their ongoing collaboration with the label too. Despite such exposure, Salomon continue to feel like the modest, extreme sportswear brand they always have done. The XT-4 and XT-6’s are undoubtedly our favourite styles at the moment, but with many other silhouettes to admire, you can make that decision yourselves.

Earthy Tones

Featuring heavily in Louis Vuitton’s FW21 show, earthy colours are looking like a staple for this season. From the technical luxury wear of CP Company to the standout colour way of Nike’s new Supreme collaboration, the tone is definitely one to consider for the coming months.


The past year has seen a flood of mesh items down the runway, and it seems the material will continue to be prominent this spring

. A more formal and 90s style can be seen in mesh shirts or blouses. Or, you can go for a Cop Copine/ Save The Queen/ Jean Paul Gaultier aesthetic by wearing loud graphic mesh tops. Lingerie style clothing, like Nensi Dojaka, provides a more nighttime focused option. Both Stüssy and Noah have also released mesh polos recently, for anyone looking at a more understated design.

Abstract cut outs

With this trend, there is no precedent to the quantity of cut outs, where they end up and in what varying sizes they appear on your garments. It adds an unconventional sexiness to whatever item of clothing you choose to wear. The look also provides unusual layering options: a bralette over a small strappy crop top, two (or more) strappy crop tops layered to give the illusion of one cut out top etc.

Bold prints

Closely linked to all the trends mentioned above, bold prints have become increasingly popular on a range of materials. Graphic print tops such as, Custo Barcelona and Miss Sixty definitely provides inspo here. This could be a trend you may want to also experiment using accessories like bags, scarves or jewellery. Why not try a 60s hollywood star headscarf if you’re feeling confident? We’ve all seen spin offs of La Manso rings, providing more opportunities to wear experimental, fun and printed jewellery. Although it’s hard to say if they will stay around for much longer. From the jeans of Palace to the knits of Iggy, and the shirts of Reese Cooper to the beanies of Minus2uk, bold prints will certainly offer you a signature piece this spring.


Usually a material more readily associated with keeping you warm during the winter months, knitwear is a perfect style for what we can anticipate will be a typically cold U.K. spring. Any look goes: bold or neutral colours, as well as patterns too. A matching knitted dress and skirt would warrant a chef’s kiss from anyone. This is a great trend if you’re not ready to transition out of your comfy PJ’s or want to put a look together using a minimal amount of effort. Knitted polos have also crept into the lookbooks of Fred Perry and Grace Wales Bonner's forthcoming Adidas capsule.


Since the boom of crochet in the 60s and 70s, the French derived craft has floated in and out of trend cycles. However, it has been especially prominent among this season’s most recent stream of fashion weeks. Despite questionably appearing in an après ski setting for Miu Miu’s, RTW Fall/Winter 2021 collection, crochet was a recurring material most prominently used as a face mask or scarf. Outside the world of luxury, crochet has been especially prominent on Pinterest pins and TikTok, solidifying its popularity status for this spring. Many independent businesses are supporting the trend too, so be sure to check them out when considering buying into this look.

Written by Liam Cattermole and Aurelia Lorimer

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