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Sustainable fashion will be the overarching trend for 2020, but what our favourite brands are going to be producing may still be a burning question on your mind. We've rounded up a few ideas we hope labels explore this year, even if it is more in hope rather than what we actually know.


Leather jackets have been slowly creeping back to the forefront of fashion for a while; we aren't talking about the studded pieces you used to see Axel Rose rock up to gigs in though. Supreme regularly have a few variations of leather jackets in their collections, and Palace's Avirex always blows us a way when released. Adidas' superstar collaboration with Prada features an all Italian leather upper, and with more colour ways coming out in 2020, many brands may look to more premium fabrics for their silhouettes.

Oversized accessories - bags and hats

Minimal accessories have long been the trend in streetwear, but with luxury fashion becoming more and more popular with casual fashion followers, some extravagant bags, hats and sunglasses could inch their way into the high-street. Imagine a Stüssy monogram travel bag, or some oversized Carhartt sunnies - 2020 will hopefully take some brands out of their comfort zones.

Holes in your trainers

This may sound bizarre, but pictures have been surfacing of Off-White’s latest Nike collaboration on the dunk low. Featuring removable fly-wire lacing across the upper, the shoe has noticeable eye-holes for the wires to thread through, and when removed, eye-lids appear in the trainer. We feel this is a trend that could really take off in 2020, if executed similarly to Off White. The holes are still discreet, you aren’t going to look like your shoes are talking, but it’s a nice addition to the ever-growing list of innovative concepts Abloh is bringing to Nike’s silhouettes.


Needles’ mohair cardigans were one of our favourite pieces from any collection last year, and we can imagine many streetwear brands will follow suit. Comme Des Garçons, Supreme and Noon Goons are just a few brands that religiously release incredible cardigans, so we hope more brands put a spin on the iconic clothing item. With winter in full swing, it might be worth raiding your Grandad’s wardrobe and having a look for any lurking around; you’d be surprised with what you can find. Below is a vid of Slowthai performing at the Mercury Prize in a pretty snazzy cardigan.

Tank Tops

The likes of Tyler, The Creator have been pushing the tank top look for a while, and when worn well, it can be a nice switch up. Even with just a plain t-shirt underneath, a woolen tank is a smart alternative to a jumper or hoodie… if your arms don’t get cold. Utility vests have been in for a while, but people will eventually move away from the look, and tank tops are a likely replacement. If you fear you’ll look like a member of the Barmy Army, England’s prolific cricket hooligans, then maybe this isn’t the look for you; hopefully, if this becomes a trend, the image of overweight, sunburnt Englishmen will become less associated with the tank top.

Trainer hybrids

Nike’s vapormax 360 hybrid could be one of the most hyped silhouettes to come out this year, and we expect the sportswear giants to switch up many other pairs of their iconic air max. Collaboration will continue to be integral to the DNA of labels in 2020, as brands look to personalities to fulfil the new requirements of consumer culture. People want a story behind what they buy now, and hybrids/collabs satisfy this.

Neck warmers

You may think your neck never gets cold, but the warmth a snood provides is invaluable. Palace dropped some nice colourways in their ultimo collection, and Carhartt will have you looking like you're about to rob a bank if you opt for their balaclava/neck warmers this winter. Either way, January and February are always horrible - snoods will provide your body with the heat it needs.

Pocket chains, key clips

If you're prone to loosing your keys or wallet, then buying yourself a cheap chain, or key clip could become a precious purchase. Never again will you have to worry about drunkenly rummaging around your pockets for the keys to your accommodation, or for the wallet with your remaining kebab money after a night out. Your prayers will be answered, and your mind can rest at ease with this simple accessory.

Football shirts

With the Euros around the corner, we’d be surprised if football shirts, whether new or vintage, didn’t surface as a key piece in everyone’s summer wardrobe. If you are sick of tight fitting sports tees, then opt for a classier affair from brands like ‘Copa’, who’s premium reworks of classic jerseys have had football casuals drooling.


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