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‘This is not sportswear’: Vented broadens its creative horizons in new lookbook

The West London brand continues to blur the boundaries of contemporary fashion with its forthcoming collection.

Made from a desire to be different, Vented’s ascendency to the top of London’s street fashion-sphere has been humbling to follow. Josh Scott launched the brand in 2018, throwing pop-ups and parties to mold a community of like-minded individuals who share his passion for music, clothes, and the capital’s various creative scenes.

Since, Scott has forayed effortlessly into women’s clothing and become confident in a variety of mediums. Vented’s concrete ashtrays and incense holders, which were displayed in Selfridges last year, have become one of the brand’s signature pieces and propelled the designer to new heights.

The label recently hosted a pop-up in collaboration with Forever Good for Paris fashion week. Alongside new concrete items, unreleased tees inspired by Parisian culture were teased, featuring La Haine and Thierry Henry illustrations. On the Henry graphic, Scott says "an exploration of the impact of sports on contemporary streetwear can't be complete without consideration of sports icons". Observant fans will be familiar with the image from France '98, where the Frenchmen celebrated his first goal, and second of the tournament, against Saudi Arabia.

This week, Vented built on the hype of their pop-up by dropping the ‘this is not sportswear’ lookbook. Once again, the brand shows no signs of contentment. As well as graphic tops, camp collar shirts, and jogger shorts stand out as statement pieces.

Despite being a young brand in the grand scheme of streetwear, Vented's latest collection takes great strides. Scott's eye for minimalism translates well into new items like the camp collar shirt, where the cut is prioritised over loud patterns. Its signature 'v' motif sits on the pocket and doesn't distract from the piece's clean shape.

Drop one is set to hit Vented’s webshop this Sunday, but for now, check out the Paris-shot lookbook below.

Written by Liam Cattermole @liam_cattermole


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