Wash all those half price takeaways down with our picks from August. The absence of Carni left a gaping hole in everyone's musical agenda, but this month saw some of the best music of 2020... in our humble opinion. We have a gun finger worthy remix from Izco, new EPs from Ninioh and Nayana IZ, as well as plenty more U.K. music to help make the transition into autumn that little easier.


Just in time for what would have been carnival, P-Rallel, Greentea Peng and Izco unleashed a floaty jungle remix of single Soulboy. Rumbling breaks, rolling bass and the scintillating saxophone that found itself on the original all combine in fine fashion; It’s just a shame we can’t be enjoying it on the streets of Nottinghill this year.


An ode to his ends, Ninioh’s Westside leads the 5 tracks that find themselves on new EP Number 9. Lauren Ralph, unsurprisingly so, bodies the beat with its flamenco guitar melodies and trap tendencies. All five tracks are well worth a listen, so we have linked in the whole EP for you.


The second single from Talk is Cheap, Finn Foxell’s forthcoming project, Make It Count also features production from notorious BRM member Lauren Ralph. The West Londoner is putting some strong cases in for music video of the year, nailing the artistic direction as well as the music. Combined with his majestic flow, LR's beat hits hard and leaves you in a meditative state of mind.


Look at any comment section of a Knucks music video and you’ll realise there is collective agreement that the rapper is criminally underrated. It is really hard to discredit such a statement when tunes like Thames find our ears so often; London Class, his forthcoming mixtape, is shaping up nicely. The NoDaysOff crew are killing it at the moment, with projects from Benji Flow, Ragz Originale and Oscar#Worldpeace providing some of our favourite songs over the last couple years. It really feels like takeover season for them.


If you haven’t seen our interview with Re:Mind yet, pause your reading and shoot over to our Insta TV. The 8 strong collective released their long awaited debut single this month and it’s simply contagious. Gillieson provides his production to the strong roster of wordsmiths in Re:Mind and they all body the beat with the level of dexterity we have come to expect from them.


Nine’s Crabs In A Bucket is becoming a strong contender for album of the year. Sticking to his road rap routes, whilst venturing into realms of afrobeats, the record sees Nines battling with his addiction to the streets, despite a successful career in music. NIC, with Tiggs Da Author, tells Neena’s story to the top of Church Street’s competitive hierarchy, and does so in sensitive fashion. The shimmery, vintage instrumental provides the lyrical narrative with an enticing backdrop too.


I Found Paradise In Hell, Kasien’s latest EP, effortlessly pushes boundaries with its explosive instrumentals and poisonous wordplay. Cloud 9 is our standout cut, and one that sounds like a true victory for Kas. This will go off when live shows come back too, we caught him supporting Bakar and he failed to disappoint. 2020 has really felt like Kasien's year.


Leeds rapper Kosi Tides is well known for his role in rap duo The Northaze, but 'It Followed Me Home' shows the powerful reputation he has as an individual artist. Riding HUSK’s crisp production with punctual lyricism, GREEN EXORCIST accentuates the innate suave in Tides' wordplay, which makes him stand out so prominently in Leeds’ rap scene.


The opener to NAYANA IZ’ debut EP, DEAR MAMA introduces us in an introspective manor, as the artists reflects on the love of her Mum over muted bass and howling synth work. The whole project is well worth a listen, so we’ve linked it below - and remember to always love your Mum.


Breaking boundaries in U.K. music with his alté infused afrobeats, Odeal’s latest single More Life encourages the youth of today to broaden their horizons. The track’s contagious blend of vintage Nigerian music motifs and U.K. candor is infectious; it’s no wonder Nines wanted him along side Headie One on their crabs in a bucket cut. Watch the visuals below.

Greentea Peng - HU MAN

Teaming up with Earbuds once again, they are becoming inseparable at this point, Greentea Peng’s latest single is perfect for any warm, hazy evenings Autumn offers. Peng’s raspy vocals submerge in the picked guitar melodies and saxophone breaks earbuds laces in the instrumental. Listening to GTP is quickly becoming an enlightening experience, and HU MAN does just that.


Born in Napoli, but now hailing from North West London, Don Pacino is making sure everyone knows of his presence on Don A Mans Dance. Released on Ashtray Records, the