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Jeshi - Same Songs

“Left my heart in a bottle of don perignon, turn the mansion into a hell house can’t we get along” - we’ve had to wait a long time for some new Jeshi, but its bars like these that makes it so worth while. The imagery he creates in his verses is some of the most intricate in U.K. rap, and ‘Same Songs’ is no different. The tune is accompanied by some strong visuals too, matching the beat switch and variety of velocities the rapper explores.


This is a bop. TJ Tucker has been on our airwaves for a while, but the concept of ‘Riide’ might just be our favourite yet. Glitchy visuals match the 80s, synth inspired beat, which complements the melodic, auto-tuned delivery Tucker champions. The hook is particularly contagious.

Jesse James ft Sam Wise - Haze

After ‘Tit for Tat’, Jesse James’ collaboration with Giggs, it was always going to be hard for the follow up single to pop in the same way. ‘Haze’ does exactly this, as Sam Wise adds another flawless feature to his ever growing list. “Do I look bothered, Catherine Tate, I took Catherine down to the tate, I took your girl on a lil date” - braggadocios bars like these don’t go unnoticed, and Jesse James has some of the strongest rhymes in the rapsphere.

L C Y - C

The enigmatic DJ/Producer has replaced her powerful mystique with even harder production. The U.K. dance-floor Queen has decided to take off the mask and change her name to 'LCY'. ‘C’ is our pick from her recently released free EP, if you signed up to the mailing list. The track literally sounds as if the mask is coming off, with the illusive blade noises and restless robotica melding a certified breakbeat banger. Big up LCY for her change in creative direction, we are all for it. Off with the mask! Grab the EP here.

Shaybo - Anger

Shaybo isn't just one of the best female emcees in England, she matches everyone at the top of the drill chain. 'Bonjour Cava' has stood the test of time, and 'Anger' is a devilish new number that proves she goes harder than most U.K. rappers. Bo's unorthodox flow sprays all over Mazza's production with an inherent boastfulness - definitely our drill pick of the month.

SL and Pa Salieu - Hit The Block

Produced by Kwes Darko, Hit The Block sees SL and PA Salieu spitting over a bouncy trap beat in their signature tones. Salieu’s verse is a lot more sincere and reflective than any others he has penned before, opening up about his injuries as a result of being on the frontline. SL murders the hook with his infectious word play, which translates into his verse too. Its quite possibly one of his best yet, so check it out.

Benji Flow - Jolene

This is Benji Flow's most poppy endeavour yet. Combining a palette of indie, flamenco and afro beats, Jolene's production is immaculate, and in part with Benji's shimmery vocals, provides a strong contender for this year's summer anthem. The Ragz Originale collaborator will probably have a few more in his discography by then, so stay locked for any upcoming singles from the multi talented singer, producer and instrumentalist.

Moses Boyd ft Joe Armon-Jones - 2 Far Gone

Taken from his New LP ‘Dark Matter’, Moses Boyd’s jazz, dance floor fusion ‘2 Far Gone’ has had us bopping all the way through the second half of February. The hybrid takes influences from the esteemed list of electronic artists who remixed breakthrough single ‘Rye Lane Shiffle’; Floating Points and Four Tet both hopped on the reworks. Ezra Collective member Joe Armon-Jones also features on the track. What more could you want?

Flyo - Lets not talk - Tiny Boost, Little Torment

The latest EP from Flyo, who you may know from his hits with Suspect and Giggs, is one of our favourite projects of his. Featuring Ms Banks, LD and RV, to name a few, ‘Superfly Strikes Back’ utilises the producers trademark, woozy beats but enlists some surprising voices to make the project even more expansive.’Lets not talk’ is our highlight, especially having never heard of Tiny Boost and Little Torment, who absolutely body their verses. We will be checking them out some more for sure.

Feux - Sans Raison ft Noga Bedo & Lechani

Another stellar single from Feux, the 'What's Done in the Dark' EP is shaping up nicely, 'Sans Raison is a self reflective, bilingual banger which revels in boom bap beats and scintillating guitar riffs. The track's 5 minute length may be off putting to all you two minute trap heads, but its nebulous nature makes is incredibly hypnotic. Noga Bedo and Lechani both provide meticulous verses; even if you aren't fluent in French, the contrasting tones they offer are easy to appreciate.


"I'll shave my hair off if you release a track tonight" one JPEGMAFIA tweeted earlier this month. Much to the dismay of @fridgemuffin09, this is exactly what Peggy did. "IF U GOT A FUCKED UP HAIRLINE THIS FOR U" tweeted back the Baltimore native, which lead to a flurry of fans balding themselves in retaliation to the single. We've heard some rumours that his U.K. tour has been pretty mad, one of our mates should be providing a review fairly soon, so come back for that one.


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