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Frontline - PA Salieu

Made 2 years ago, but released for everyone’s ears this month, PA Salieu sat on Frontline not knowing how big it could become. It was his manager that provoked him to drop the …. hood banger, warranting him comparisons with Octavian and J Hus. Stylistically, every aspect of this song encapsulates the aspirations of kids living “the block life”, looking to make it through music and wearing some hard clothes whilst doing it. Watch the pristine music video below.

Kadiata - One last time

Kadiata needs to stop it. We're fed up of falling in love with his guitar grooves, Onda was just about enough for us to handle, but One Last Time has provided us with yet another infectious jam. 2020 really could be his year, this tune is just a sign of what is to come from that man's beautifully bald head.

King Krule - (Don’t Let The Dragon) Draag On

Album number three for King Krule, if you don’t count his alternative aliace Archy Marshall, will come out in March. ‘DLTDDO’ is our first taster from new record 'Man Alive!'. Sonically, it shares the wooziness of previous slow jam Czech One, but appears grittier through Marshall's manipulated vocal palette. The visuals that accompany the ghastly tune are quite the watch too, lock back in March for a full review of 'Man Alive!'.

J Hus - Play Play ft Burna Boy

It was a shame to see J Hus’ ‘Big Conspiracy’ leaked, but you’re lying if you didn’t open that zip file. People have been craving new Hus for a while, and the record has even exceeded fans’ expectations. The scintillating steel drums that open this track are so alluring, and Burna Boy offers his Lagos lead vocals for yet another Afrobeat/bashment bumper.

Four Tet - Baby

Despite only releasing a handful of singles in 2019, Four Tet yet again had a very busy year. A whole host of festival dates was topped off by a b2b with Skrillex at Manchester’s Warehouse Project in November; ‘Baby’ samples vocals from Ellie Goulding and a lull of bird sounds to make yet another whimsical tech hit.

Jamie Isaac ft Nosaj Thing - Next To Me

Imagine being in Jamie Isaac and King Krule's house share in South-East London. Just whitnessing the artistry in those four walls would have been mind blowing, so it is nice to have new music from both artists in 2020. 'Next To Me', a collaboration with Nosaj Thing, explores soul, electronica and hip-hop, crafting a trippy and spacious number.

DigDat ft Aitch - Ei8ht Mile

DigDat has absolutely killed the execution of this song, devising a back and fourth, rap battle concept with the featuring Aitch. Of course the inspiration is Eminem's legendary biographical film 8 mile, bringing this into a U.K. context is cruddy from the emcee, who's latest mixtape is the best drill project to come out this year so far.

Juice Menace - Bounterfeit

The fiery flows of Juice Menace have been lauded for the last couple years, and you can see why. Her assertive delivery provides an admirable swagger to tunes like Bounterfeit, helping to catch the attention of scene leaders in the calibre of AJ Tracey. She's putting Cardiff on the map, and hopefully this is the first of many singles to come this year.

D7 - Roadside

D7 has been around for a while, but he is still criminally underrated. Roadside takes the aspirational lyricism of Nines, but provides a rapid delivery to fit the provocative beat. Deriving from the same scene as Big Zuu and AJ Tracey, 7 has a whole catalogue of tunes raring to be pumped out of the speakers of your Ford Fiesta, and that's no disrespect to the artist, its just not many people our age can afford the whips that give tunes like 'Roadside' justice.

CMILLANO - Cooling

Hitting the ground running in 2020, CMILLANO dropped two new tunes on day one of the new year. 'Cooling' is our pick of the two, as he ferociously delivers bragadocious lyricism that expresses a desire to succeed in England's saturated rap scene. Check out other releases in the calibre of 'Pour It Up', you won't be disappointed.

Ragz Originale - 4AM ft ELIZA

Credited on the production for 3 songs off Skepta’s Konnichiwa, Ragz Originale has made a name for himself solo, fusing R&B, dancehall and a whole host of other genres. 4AM is quite possibly our favourite cut he’s made so far; ELIZA’s exquisite vocals harmonise with Ragz’ in a dreamy fashion, it’s definitely one to help you through the winter months.

YS Tekdinner - FYI ft Master Peace

If you haven’t read out review of YS’ latest mixtape, then we suggest you do just that and come back here. ‘FYI’ is our pick from the project, fusing garage breaks with outrageously contagious hooks. Tekdinner’s signature tongue and cheek metaphors glisten all the way throughout, comparing the curves of women to a cutlas and a male bodily fluid to vaseline.

Lex Amor - Mazza

Featuring in our Artists to watch list, Lex Amor is back after a quiet 2019. Her novel vocal delivery works extremely well over the melo-zed produced beat, which muffles behind her flow with a graceful guitar riff. The track is a mellow and disorientating affair, as Amor's overlapping adlibs create a naturally kaleidoscopic sounds. We can only hope Lex releases more material in 2020.

KianvsLife - Quente

This may be his first solo affair, but Kian has been making music for a while. Brighton is a melting pot of talented young creatives and this debut cut has further established his prestige in the scene, combining elements of Californian bedroom indie, with harmonic soulful qualities. Brighton may not offer the scorching heat LA presents to Steve Lacy and Cuco, but KianvsLife has perfectly encapsulated the hazy vibes of the west coast, whilst offering a quintessentially British twang too. Definitely one to remember for the turn in seasons.

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