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Octavian - King Essie

Inevitably, a track off Endorphins has made it onto our tracks of the month. Octavian’s new mixtape excelled in broadening his trappy, psychedelic sonics and King Essie was one of the best cuts to come from this experimentation. It’s a woozy tune led by synths and Octo’s signature vocal tones. Read our review of Endorphins here.

Flohio & JD. Reid - Hell Bent

The combination of one of Britain’s most exciting new talents, Flohio, and one of Britain’s most applauded producers, JD. Reid, was always going to make something special. ‘Hell Bent’ sees the grime empress spitting about her successes, and craving more from her career. Reid’s restless beat matches Flo’s flow effortlessly; her releases have been consistently impressive, proving her status among the UK’s alt rap scene.

Frenzy, Careless + Kadiata - FYL

Frenzy’s new mixtape, ‘Murder Mile’, soundscapes London estate culture through effervescent production and boastful lyricism. ‘FYL’ embodies a playful stance, using Kadiata’s contagious flow to serenade the listener, as well as a chorus of harmonising backing vocalists. The song touches on tails of love and affection, but will get you grooving instantly with It's dancehall influences.

Channel Tres - Sexy Black Timberlake

Tres was recently in the country performing at Field Day and featuring on Bone Soda’s NTS show - in amidst all this though, he dropped a contagious new single. Sexy Black Timberlake is unapologetically influenced by the unique sonic comprised from Snoop Dogg’s ‘DoggyStyle’, but the suave in Channel Tres’ vocal tones put a completely different perspective on the sound.

Goldlink - U Say

‘Diaspora’, Goldlink’s latest LP, explored the modern, afrobeat sounds of his heritage, whilst combining them with the West Coast vibes of ‘At What Cost’. ‘U Say’ enlists the unlikely combo of Tyler, The Creator and Jay Prince; It’s a summer tune in the making, as is the whole album. Tyler is taken out of his comfort zone and Prince executes his hook in such a fluent manner, It’s a real stand out among the other bangers on the record.

Ninioh - Diablo

Brummy MC and Blue Room Mafia member Ninioh has released a string of banging singles as of late. Our favourite though has to be ‘Diablo’, which comes with accompanied visuals from Loudhouse Diaries member Honey JD. The glitchy, vintage aesthetic to the video accommodates Ninioh’s uncompromising delivery perfectly; It's only a matter of time before he blows, so check out Diablo below.

Drake - Money In The Grave

Off the back of Raptor's NBA final win, Drake has released two new tracks. 'Money In The Grave', due to It's instant popularity, is now being promoted as a single, and after the dreadful Scorpion, his bars seem better than evr. Referencing recent developments in his life, like the death of close friend Anthony Soares and his controversial relationship with pornstar Sophie Brussaux, Drizzy's lyricism and delivery is far more fiery than we've heard in recent times. Listen to the track below.


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